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Accident at work – a reason to request a refund

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As practice shows, the work takes an important place in the lives of most Israelis. Therefore, if any incident, injury or accident occur during the workday, we don’t always rush to assert their rights and claim compensation for damage to health, fearing the displeasure of the management. Meanwhile, the courts in many cases be on the side of the victim and forced the insurance company to pay a solid amount. Lawyer Yasar Jacobi talks about what cash payments can be obtained if the health damage caused during the execution of work activities.

Awkward kitchen – 246 thousand shekels

Even the employee performing the most simple duties should occur in a comfortable and convenient environment. Otherwise, the employer can seriously backfire. So the plaintiff hired assistant chef – main responsibilities which included cutting the salads and preparing the skewers for swarmy, slipped with the knife in his hand and fell to the floor, seriously hurt. After this incident, the man went to the hospital in Hadera, where he received initial treatment and was hospitalized for 3 days. The appellant then contacted lawyers to ask for assistance in getting compensation. According to the client, the work took place in a dangerous situation, a kitchen where he worked was narrow and cramped, as a significant amount of room was occupied by the utensils, raw materials for cooking and cleaning products. Gallon of oil for frying was located on a low shelf, so that oil is continuously flowed onto the floor. In addition, the floor often got water after defrosting meat. All these circumstances created an unsafe working environment with unreasonable risks for employees of the restaurant. The court fully agreed with the arguments of counsel and appointed the plaintiff the amount of NIS 246858.

Heavy burden – 323 thousand shekels

The man turned to the lawyer with a back injury, I was on the job, he had to lift heavy electric drum weighing 250 pounds, together with three other workers. When lifting such a heavy burden, the client felt a sharp pain in the back, as he turned to the lawyer. The Jerusalem court ruled that the movement of such weight, even if it is for four employees in excess of the average, reasonable risks in the workplace and imposes on the employer the obligation to take the necessary precautions. That is, the company had to train the employee to assist him and to provide auxiliary means which ensure that the lifting will not hurt him. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of 323 000 shekels.

A nasty fall 1.5 million shekels

Work on the construction site are often associated with the possibility of injury. A striking example of this was the case when the plaintiff entered the poorly lit room located on the ground floor of the building and fell into the pit length of about 7 meters, designed for installation of ducts and pipes air conditioning systems. The tel Aviv court ruled that employers of the plaintiff could and should have foreseen the risk of having unequipped mine in a dark room, as a leader who sends his employee to the site, knows the dangers that can be expected and therefore must ensure the safety by all means available. The court awarded the plaintiff compensation in the amount of 1 573 154 shekels.

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Accident at work – a reason to request a refund 05.02.2018

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