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Accused of anti-Semitism Mel Gibson secretly donated money to Holocaust survivors

Actor and Director Mel Gibson, the Hollywood star, who previously appeared in the center of the anti-Semitic scandal for ten years secretly donated funds to survivors in the Holocaust of the Jews.

This was reported in last weeks edition of Extra, citing actress Zane Boothby, founder of the charity Fund of the Survivor Mitzvah Project, which helps elderly Holocaust survivors living in remote parts of Europe.

Anti-Semitic incident in question happened 17 years ago at one of the Hollywood parties. The actor was heavily drunk. Upon learning that his interlocutor is Jewish, and her companion is homosexual, he told them the anecdote about «swindlers in the gas chamber», insulting both Jews and gays.

Note that Gibson used the expression oven dodgers mean in certain circles of the cunning Jews, who managed to escape the Nazi ovens. The actress was extremely indignant and told his friends that Gibson is anti – Semitic and homophobic, but, according to her, she did not believe. Many years later, Gibson confirmed the characteristics given to him by a young actress in 2006 surrounding his anti-Semitic remarks, a scandal erupted, almost costing him his career.

In the course of the accident, Gibson appealed to the police and asked a Jew if he is, then launched into a tirade about the guilt of the Jews for all the wars on Earth. He cursed not any police officer, threatened him, confessed hatred of all Jews of the world and promised to invest all his money in the destruction of the city of Malibu, near which was stopped. Gibson’s behavior is condemned in Hollywood. Special anger it has caused filmmakers of the Jews, as broadcaster ABC broke a contract with him on a film about the Holocaust of European Jewry.
In the same year, Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, former girlfriend of Mel Gibson and the mother of his daughter, said in an interview with People magazine: she was afraid that the enraged lover kills her during the scandal that caused their breakup. According to Oksana, Gibson choked and beat her, claiming that he had a gun, and she seriously feared for his life and the lives of their eight-month-old daughter.

Recall that in April 2012, Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas accused Mel Gibson of disrupting work on a film about Judah Maccabee-Semitic. He wrote a lengthy letter to nine pages in which he listed all the sins of Mel Gibson’s associated with the Jews, and pointed out that work on the film, Gibson began to distract the press from the perpetrated by them anti-Semitic scandals.

Gibson argued that the Torah says about using the blood of Christian children for making matzo, and when the writer noticed that the actor must be confusing the Torah with the «Protocols of the elders of Zion», he continued to insist that «recipe» contained in the Torah.

The letter Joe Esterhas was published on the website figures of The Wrap film, and then Mel Gibson wrote a response in the format of an open letter, where he rejected all accusations of anti-Semitism.

Accused of anti-Semitism Mel Gibson secretly donated money to Holocaust survivors 20.03.2017

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