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Action in support of the rights of the LGBT community in tel Aviv, ended with clashes with the police. VIDEO

Protest against ban on adoptions of children by same-sex couples, held the evening of July 20 in tel Aviv, ended with clashes with the police.

Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that after the rally, held in front of «Kiryat Government», the police asked participants to disperse. However, the part of the protesters remained in the square, while dozens of protesters took to the street Kaplan, blocking traffic.

The action of the protesters was seen by police as a violation of public order.

The press service of law enforcement agencies announced the arrest of nine protestors. The detainees were taken to the police station.

The press service of the police through the media issued the following statement: «the Israel Police respects the right of citizens to freedom of speech and Assembly, but will not allow violations of public order and the law.»

According to information in the media, today’s protest was attended by about 10 thousand Israelis.

Earlier in the week the government submitted to the court its opinion on the question of the adoption of children by same-sex couples. The document said that the Ministry of justice and social security oppose the adoption of orphans by same-sex couples that the document was called «unconventional.» The state relied on the opinion of experts who believe that children adopted by these couples may face additional challenges and negative attitudes. This conclusion was given in response to the petition filed in the high court of the Reformist center and a non-profit organization «Proud fathers».

The opinion submitted to the high court, has drawn sharp criticism of various public organizations and the media. In the Prosecutor General’s office has also heard voices accusing the division of the high Court in the «consent to submit to the dark Outlook in court, and did not abandon this shameful role.» We should add that the Minister of welfare Haim Katz came under pressure and criticism, appealed to the high court with a request to grant a postponement to prepare a new opinion.

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Action in support of the rights of the LGBT community in tel Aviv, ended with clashes with the police. VIDEO 21.07.2017

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