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Advertising with Stalin appeared in tel Aviv. The Reaction Ksenia Svetlova

At the end of last week in tel Aviv appeared outdoor advertising, where posters depicted Stalin in a blond wig. Such a provocative way advertisers tried to attract visitors to the open day at the school of art. This «creative» angered the Knesset member from the party «the Zionist camp» Xenia Svetlov.

The MP was reacting to the appearance of Stalin’s portraits in the Israeli city: «as a child I was often asked about my grandfather, dad’s father. I answered: «It took Stalin». I then thought that grandpa just went somewhere with Stalin, and only when he grew up, I realized what had happened. My grandfather was the Director of a large defense enterprise, and was among the first Jews whom Stalin ordered to «remove». My father was only two years old when it happened.

My grandfather received a «10 years without right of correspondence», which actually meant that he had been shot, only for families never reported.

In 1952, my grandmother received a letter of resignation – in the midst of it was the doctors ‘ plot, orchestrated the «father of peoples» anti-Semitic campaign, whose aim was the practical extermination of the Jews of the USSR. When my grandmother, the head of the Department of neurology of a large Moscow hospital, was handed this letter, we reported that Stalin soon all Jews will be sent to Siberia, adding: «I wish you never came back from there!»

Fortunately, six months later Stalin died, just on Purim, but since then, my grandmother could not pronounce the name without a tremor in his voice.

And now historians are arguing over who killed more people – Stalin or Hitler? Convenient to think of Stalin as a representative of the «good» side, since the Red army defeated Hitler, but we must not forget that the Soviet dictator killed millions of people in the camps. Only in the late 80-ies, in the era of perestroika began to gradually open up the archives and even though this dosed horrified.

And now the descendants of victims of Stalinist terror and live in Israel. Hardly think about it those «advanced» and «creative» advertisers who have decided to use the image of Stalin. And they would have to think. Stalin in tel Aviv… It’s dangerous nonsense. Yes, we live in a free country, and nobody can be obliged to do something against his will, but I wish that the feelings of the victims of Stalinist terror were considered.
Respect for the feelings of fellow citizens and at least basic knowledge we ought to have in what you are doing, Lord!»

Advertising with Stalin appeared in tel Aviv. The Reaction Ksenia Svetlova 28.02.2016

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