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Advisor to Khamenei: West uses lizards for the surveillance of nuclear facilities

Spies from Western countries use lizards, is able to «detect atomic wave», to spy on Iran’s nuclear program. It says Hassan Firuzabadi, the former chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Iran and now a senior military adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Firuzabadi admitted he did not know the details of the program, Recalling that the West regularly uses in order to spy on tourists, scientists and ecologists, wrote on Tuesday, February 13, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The article notes that this statement was made in response to a question of journalists of the local press, alarmed over the frequent arrests of experts in the field of environmental protection.

«A few years ago these people arrived in Iran under the pretext of collecting funds for the Palestinians. We seemed suspicious routes they chose, and their collection of reptiles – such, for example, as dwelling in the desert lizards. During the investigation it was discovered that the skin of these animals is able to accumulate radiation, and we realized that these people are spies, collecting information on uranium mines and nuclear facilities,» the authors of the article: Iranian General.

These comments have become answers to information about death in the dungeons of the Iranian citizen of Iran and Canada Cavus Imami Sayyed, a well-known environmentalist, who was arrested together with colleagues last month.

Recall that in October 2008, the Iranian security forces «arrested» two pigeons suspected of spying on nuclear facilities. Birds were caught in close proximity to underground plant for uranium enrichment at Natanz.

The press quoted a source who claims one of the pigeons was discovered «metal ring with a blue coating and invisible strings.» No information about those who «managed» the birds are spies, mentioned the source, however, failed.

Advisor to Khamenei: West uses lizards for the surveillance of nuclear facilities

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