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AfD leader, who called the Holocaust memorial «a disgrace», expelled from the party

Far-right party «Alternative for Germany» (AfD) expels from its ranks Bjorn Hecke, the head of the Thuringian branch, which was in the center of a scandal after he criticized a Holocaust memorial in Berlin. In January of this year, in a speech to his supporters, he said: «the Germans are the only people on the planet who erected a monument to their shame in the capital of the country.»

About it writes on Tuesday, February 14, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

Frauke Petry, lead AfD, warns that the legal procedure will take some time, but she has no doubt that party members will support it. Party members believe that such statements discrediting them in the eyes of voters and may prevent to take third place in the Bundestag after the September election.

Earlier, the management of the memorial complex, built on the site of the death camp Buchenwald, forbade the heck to attend the ceremony of commemoration of victims of the Holocaust, it is noted in this article. The management of the Thuringian branch of the AfD called the decision politically motivated

In the Wake of the migration crisis newly formed party AfD is gaining popularity and has shown strong performance in regional elections. In particular, the elections of the local government in the Federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, formerly part of the GDR, representatives of the AfD received 24.2% of votes, finishing in second place in popularity and quite a bit behind the CDU Merkel, who received 29%. Sixteen other regions the party also significantly increased their representation.

In the program of the AfD, as claimed by some media, contains, among other, the item requires to fully prevent illegal immigration – including the use of firearms by the police against migrants. This statement has drawn strong condemnation from German politicians of the left wing and the police. However, later, the activists AfD said that the speech of their leaders was misconstrued, as it meant an extreme measure.

In January of last year in interview to the newspaper Mannheimer Morgen AfD leader Frauke Petry stressed that the police must stop the flow of migrants trying to cross into Germany from Austria.

Petrie compares the local press with Donald trump and marine Le Pen, experts stress that the success of the party rises in the Wake of dissatisfaction with the policies of Merkel, the practicing mode of the open door for illegal migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

«Germany faces fundamental problems, and that was the reason for our popularity. Today we tend to cause other parties to an open and constructive discussion on important topics,» said Petrie in an interview with ARD.

The political establishment seeks to prevent the AfD in the power structure. Petri claims to be the leader of the opposition, opposing the «political cartel».

AfD leader, who called the Holocaust memorial «a disgrace», expelled from the party 14.02.2017

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