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After another missile test of the DPRK on the Peninsula, flew American bombers

Two American B-1 bomber on Saturday, July 29, flew over the Korean Peninsula. This demonstration of US military power was held in response to recent missile tests conducted by the DPRK a day earlier, and also in response to the launch of «Hanson-14», produced on 4 July, according to Reuters.

Friday, 28 July, North Korea launched another missile, which could fall within the economic zone of Japan. According to representatives of the armed forces of South Korea, missile, presumably, ballistic, was released in the direction of the sea of Japan.

July 4, the DPRK authorities announced the successful testing of ballistic long-range missiles which landed in the sea of Japan after flying about 930 kilometers. Before falling into the waters of the sea of Japan, the missile was airborne for 37 minutes. Japanese authorities said the missile fell in the exclusive economic zone of the state (EEZ). Pyongyang first announced the successful launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), potentially capable of reaching US territory. The launch was made the day before the opening of the summit Big twenty, which the G20 leaders should, in particular, to discuss ways of dealing with the arms race of the DPRK.

After another missile test of the DPRK on the Peninsula, flew American bombers 30.07.2017

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