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After complaints from women in Facebook residents of Jaffa «punish» sexual maniac

Monday, July 31, on the strip and Sderot Yerushalayim was severely beaten by the Arabs from the Palestinian territories, which was believed to be residents of the city, accosted me on the street to women and children.

Before the police arrived the crowd of men beat a suspected pedophile with sticks and baseball bats, and when he fell, him kicked. Seeing the police the men dispersed, leaving their victim lying on the ground. However, upon seeing the approaching policemen, beaten man tried to escape. But he was detained by police.

A day earlier, in the community of the inhabitants of Jaffa in Facebook a woman posted a photo of a man who, according to her, lay in wait for women and girls in the Park Davidof in South Jaffa. The social network also published a video in which the alleged perpetrator molesting the woman, dressed in accordance with Muslim traditions.

Social networks also published an information that the alleged offender is a resident of the Palestinian authority in the past been detained by police for sexual offences, but was released.

Less than a day it took to Internet users from Jaffa to find the person in the picture.

Photos and video of how a crowd of men «punishing maniac», was also published in the Jaffa community in Facebook. Many Internet users condemned the participants in the lynching.

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After complaints from women in Facebook residents of Jaffa «punish» sexual maniac 01.08.2017

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