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After the death of the Israeli Ministry of interior has ordered to expel his wife

Sunday, August 20, 2-th channel ITV aired a story dedicated to Leah Loewenstein, who after the death of his wife by order of the Ministry of internal Affairs needs to leave Israel.

2nd channel says that in Israel for 13 years, living son, and the woman’s daughter from his first marriage, obtained citizenship under the law of return as grandchildren of a Jew on the paternal side.

The woman’s son, Boris, has served in the IDF, was a convert to Judaism and is currently studying for a second degree at the Technion. His sister, Galina, was also a convert to Judaism.

Leia came regularly to Israel to the children to visit. During one of these visits she met an Israeli, Oleg. Between them broke out feeling, and she was left in Israel. On the basis of cohabitation, recognized MIA, Leah received the status of temporary resident and start the process of obtaining permanent status. However, in early 2017, her husband died.

Immediately after the death of Oleg, the interior Ministry reported on Lee that she needs to leave the country.

In the report of the 2nd channel it was said that the children of Leah appealed to the interior Ministry with a request to allow their mother to remain in Israel. They wrote to the Commission of the interior Ministry for humanitarian Affairs, appealed to the office of Aryeh Deri, but officials of the Ministry of interior was adamant.

In the response, received on 2-m channel from the interior Ministry, says that in accordance with existing laws, through which Leia could live in Israel, now she has to leave the country. In response, the Ministry of interior also says that she can always come to your children to visit.

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After the death of the Israeli Ministry of interior has ordered to expel his wife 21.08.2017

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