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After the dismantling of security equipment resume Muslim prayers on the Temple mount

Thursday, July 27, the Grand mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Hussein declared that the Muslims can return to the temple mount. «We have returned to the situation that was before,» he said.

A similar statement was made by a senior police officer, who was quoted by Israeli media. «We have almost completely returned to the situation that was before the attack of July 14». A police spokesman described the possibility of manual inspection of all climbing on the mountain «illogical and neorealismo».

We will remind that in the night of July 27, the police completely dismantled all the security tools that were installed at the entrance to the temple mount after a terrorist attack occurred there.

Law enforcement officers dismantled the bridge, which was equipped with surveillance cameras and turnstiles, along which stood the metal detector. The cameras and metal detectors were dismantled on the night of July 25 in accordance with the decision of the military-political Cabinet.

The decision to remove all systems installed after the attack, was taken under pressure from the Waqf, and leaders of the Muslim communities in Jerusalem. After Israel dismantled cameras and metal detectors, the head of the Waqf, said that Israel is not enough and you need to return the situation on the Temple mount to the one that was there on July 14.

After it became known that Israel has fulfilled the requirement of Waqf, hundreds of Muslims gathered at the Lion’s gate of the Old city and the streets of the Arab neighborhoods of the capital and celebrated the victory.

Hamas also welcomed what they called a victory over Israel. «The Palestinian people won the historic victory over the occupiers, their soldiers and the government. Today we swept the gate, mounted invaders, and tomorrow swept away and the occupants,» said a member of Hamas ‘ political Bureau Azzam al-Rishak.

We will remind that on 26 July in Gaza held a «victory parade» attended by tens of thousands of people. Among them were thousands of militants of the terrorist group that controls Gaza.

Friday, July 28, announced by Fatah and Hamas day of rage. Palestinians urged to pray in the squares in solidarity with the «defenders of al-Aqsa», as well as to organize demonstrations of protest against the «Israeli occupation of Palestine.» At the moment it’s unknown will there be scheduled events.

Israeli politicians sharply criticized the government for its decision to accept the demands of the Muslims. «I guess that in the near future we will witness new outbursts of violence, as is always the case when Israel capitulates to violence,» — said in an interview with radio station «Galey TSAHAL» the head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett.

After the dismantling of security equipment resume Muslim prayers on the Temple mount 27.07.2017

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