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After three of his victories «haredim» want to ban private «Shabbat buses»

According to information of the 2nd channel ITV, deputies from the ultra-Orthodox parties demand from the Ministry of transport to ban «Saturday buses», which were launched in several cities in Israel, local authorities or private companies. In particular, the deputies are outraged with the launch of buses in Herzliya and Holon.

According to this source, the letter was addressed to the Director General of the Ministry of Keren Turner, it included the requirement to withdraw permission to work on Saturdays at the public transport companies working under contract with the municipalities.

The letter, signed by Michael Malkiel (SHAS), Yoav Ben-at the LRC (SHAS), URI Malevil («yaadut Torah») and Israel Ihlara («yaadut Torah») States that «the Minister of transport must not allow the desecration of the Sabbath.»

Note that during the week the representatives of the ultra-Orthodox parties managed to win more victories. Under their pressure, was cancelled for last Saturday infrastructural works of the railway company «Rakevet Israel.» Sunday, June 25, the government decided to freeze the compromise at the Western Wall, and the Ministerial Committee approved a bill to convert to Judaism.

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After three of his victories «haredim» want to ban private «Shabbat buses» 27.06.2017

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