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Agreed final version of the bill on the Jewish character of the state

The bill on the Jewish character of the state of Israel («hawk of LEOM») will be submitted to the Knesset before the end of the summer session, announced on Sunday, July 9, from the office of the author of the bill MP AVI Dichter («Likud»).

The session finishes at the end of July, and at the moment it is unclear whether the coalition will complete the discussion before leaving for vacation or just spend the bill in the first reading. Between «Likud» and «Bayt Yehudi», there is a debate on the question of what Committee the bill will be revised before the second and third readings. «Bayt Yehudi» insists that the bill was considered by the Knesset Committee on law, headed by the MP from the party of Nisan Slomiansky. In the Likud, in turn, require to pass a bill for consideration by a special Commission headed by Deputy from the ruling party.

Last Friday, the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» published a report that the inter-Ministerial Commission established for the drafting of the bill, came to an agreement on wording that is acceptable to all the factions of the coalition. In the agreed wording refers to the fact that «Israel is a Jewish state with a democratic regime of government.»
«The state of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people in which it realizes their right to national self-determination on the basis of their cultural and historical heritage. The Jewish people has a special right to national self-determination in Israel.»

The bill is attached to the document under which the state undertakes «to protect the Jewish tradition and the Holy places». This application was not included in the text of the bill, however, at the request of ultra-Orthodox factions will be recorded in a special Annex to the law.

The bill would also enhance the status of Jewish law.
The status of the Arabic language remains unchanged. The government also pledged to adopt the law on the special status of the Druze community in Israel.

The opposition criticized the bill. The Deputy Yossi Yona said: «Moral and spiritual might of Israel is founded on the balance that was established by the founding fathers of the state. This bill strikes that balance, and it would be better if it is for our own good will disappear even before having been approved.»

Agreed final version of the bill on the Jewish character of the state 09.07.2017

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