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Aircraft of unknown origin struck the convoy of trucks under the flags of the IG

On Sunday morning an unidentified aircraft struck an air strike on a convoy carrying suspected to be involved in ISIS activities in the area of the Libyan city of Bani Walid, located in 180 km South-East of the capital Tripoli.

To date, none of the warring parties, including the United States and the government of Libya, has claimed responsibility for this attack, writes Thursday, February 28, the news Agency Reuters, citing municipal sources.

Residents of the village of RAS al-Tbel in the vicinity of Bani Walid said they had seen a convoy of fifteen trucks, over which waved the black flags of jihadists.

The article otmechaetsya that jihadist groups have taken advantage of the prevailing chaos to expand their control, capturing the coastal city of Sirte, located 260 km from Bani Walid.

Western countries are discussing the possibility of air strikes and special operations in Libya, where the militants of the Islamic state, previously seized power over a part of territory of Syria and Iraq.

Despite the operations of Pro-government armed forces and the airstrikes on positions of Islamic state, the terrorists continue to capture new territory, getting close to the so-called «oil Crescent» on the coast of the Gulf of Sirte, where major terminals for the export of hydrocarbons: the RA’s Lanuf, es sider and Ben Jawad.

February 19 American air force made in the suburbs Sabrata blow to the camp of the IG. As a result of the RAID killed about 50 people, including two employees of Embassy of Serbia in Tripoli, abducted by militants in November 2015.

Aircraft of unknown origin struck the convoy of trucks under the flags of the IG 28.02.2016

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