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AJC poll: US Jews oppose the transfer of the Embassy to Jerusalem

Results published on Wednesday, September 13, annual report of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) shows: 44% of American Jews oppose the transfer of the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In this study were interviewed by telephone about 1,000 Jews over the age of 18 years. Questions posed by sociologists, was concerned with the political views of the respondents, their opinions about the government and problems of anti-Semitism, us-Israeli relations and religious pluralism in Israel.

Among the respondents, 9% were representatives of the ultra-Orthodox community, 16% conservative, 31% reform, and 39% identified themselves as «just Jews.»

On the issue of moving the Embassy, which did not approve the majority of respondents, 36% said they wouldn’t mind, but you should first wait for the progress in the peace talks, while 16% believe that the plan should be immediately implemented. Interestingly, among those who are fundamentally opposed to the transfer, the 51% are supporters of the Democratic party and only 26% Republican.

The majority of respondents (77%), as it turned out, did not approve of Donald trump at the head of the White house, and happy with the current President, only 21%.

Approximately the same ratio of votes is observed on the question of the ongoing trump’s policy of restricting immigration to the United States: 76% were opposed, and 23% find this step appropriate. On the problems of Russian-American relations and the Iranian nuclear program – 67% dissatisfied with the actions of trump, and approve only 26%.

It should be noted that a constant trump supporters are representatives of ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in the US, where more than half (54%) supported him in the election and continue to endorse today.

55% of American Jews stated that they support the creation of a Palestinian state, while 40% oppose this plan. The vast majority of respondents believe that, compared with the previous year, prospects for a peaceful resolution remained at the same level.

The survey recorded a significant increase in the number of those who are concerned about anti-Semitism in their country. In 2016, 73% consider this a problem, and 21% «very serious problem». A year later, the ratio is 84% to 41%.

More than half of respondents are convinced that the fact that Orthodox Judaism is the main religion in Israel weakens its relationship with American Jews.

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AJC poll: US Jews oppose the transfer of the Embassy to Jerusalem

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