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«Al-Akhbar»: the US has warned that Israel is seeking a pretext for war with Hizbullah

American officials warned the Lebanese government that Israel wants a new war against Hizbullah, said facing in the Lebanese newspaper «al-Ahram» associated with this terrorist organization.

The publication claims that recently visited Washington a high-ranking Lebanese delegation, and U.S. officials reported that Israel is interested in a new war against Hezbollah because he believes it impossible to do nothing in light of the recent success of militants in Syria. Unlike the U.S., Israel believes that the main security threat is not the Islamic state, Hizbullah.

In this regard, the U.S. has warned Lebanon about the need to exert maximum pressure on Hizbullah and not to allow any provocations that Israel could use as a pretext to launch hostilities.

In the US version, the recent demarche of Saudi Arabia, froze military aid to Lebanon called on its citizens to leave the country and announced sanctions against Hizbullah, encouraged Israel to more aggressive action.

«Al-Akhbar» argues that Saudi Arabia is supportive of a possible Israeli war against Hizbullah.

Yesterday Foreign Policy reported that «Hezbollah» threatens in case of a new conflict with Israel to invade Israeli territory and capture towns in the Northern part of the country.

The Israeli military is concerned that the Lebanese militants have gained serious experience in the battles of the civil war in Syria and received new missiles.

«Al-Akhbar»: the US has warned that Israel is seeking a pretext for war with Hizbullah 05.03.2016

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