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«Al-Jarida»: two Israeli F-35 aircraft carried out an operation in Iran

The website of the Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Jarida» citing its own sources reports that in March 2018, two Israeli aircraft of the fifth generation F-35 conducted an operation in Iran.

The article argues that the Israeli fighter jets flying in the airspace of Syria and Iraq, and then crossed the border with Iran, after completing a reconnaissance mission in the areas of Bandar Abbas, Isfahan and Shiraz, flying at high altitude over the potential nuclear facilities.

According to published information, the F-35 was not seen not only the Syrian and Iranian radars, but also the Russian radar in Syria. Was this a coordinated operation with the United States, is unknown, writes the «al-Jarida», referring to the recent joint us-Israeli exercise «Juniper Cobra».

Official sources in Israel does not comment on this post.

Note that the Kuwaiti «al-Jarida» often publishes information about the actions of the IDF, which does not receive official confirmation. Arab and Iranian media have repeatedly accused this publication in cooperation with the Israeli authorities. The message on the first operation of the Israeli F-35 to Iran has been widely cited in other Arabic-language media and social networks.

March 15, the Israeli portal Walla, citing army sources reported that the latest F-35 «Adir» took part in the first combat operations. The details of the transaction were not disclosed.

If this command is the air force of the IDF stressed that the use of the F-35 for combat missions greatly increase the operational capabilities of the Israeli military aviation.

Previously, foreign media reported that the F-35 «Adir» may have been involved in one or more operations in Syria. However, official comment on this occasion was not.

6 December 2017, the IDF announced the initial operational capabilities of the first squadron of the fifth generation fighter F-35 «Adir» in Israel and the readiness of the squadron to operational use. The process of preparing the planes and training of pilots and ground staff took about a year after the first F-35 was delivered to Israel.

At the moment, arrived in Israel for nine such aircraft, the press service of the IDF. For 2018 it is expected the arrival of nine fighters. Delivery of the first 33 aircraft will be completed in 2021.

In August 2017 the delegation of the Ministry of defence of Israel have completed negotiations on the acquisition of the US for another 17 F-35 aircraft. We are talking about the second part of the deal, in which Israel acquired from the US, 50 F-35 fighter. According to the signed agreement, all aircraft will arrive in Israel to 2024. Thus, in the IDF air force will be formed for two full squadrons of 25 aircraft each.

The commanders of the Israeli army emphasizes that the IDF became the first army outside of the United States, the weapons which did the F-35.

The F-35 fifth generation also called the Joint Strike Fighter and come in three versions: A – for standard take-off and landing, B for short takeoff and vertical landing, and for takeoff from the aircraft carrier and landing on the deck. All 50 aircraft bought by the defence Ministry for the air force, is a modification A, however, they have unique capabilities and they installed a modern Israeli weapon systems.

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«Al-Jarida»: two Israeli F-35 aircraft carried out an operation in Iran 29.03.2018

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