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«Al-Jazeera»: the leader of the PFLP was tortured before murder in Sofia

On Friday morning, February 26, at the Embassy of Palestine in Sofia was found the body of 52-year-old Umar Naif Hassan Zaid, one of the leaders of the terrorist organization «popular front for the liberation of Palestine», which had been sought by Israel in connection with his involvement in the murder of Israelis.

Initially Sophia ambulance service reported that, judging by the state of the body of Zaid, he died a violent death. Later, the Sofia Prosecutor’s office announced that injured Umar Zaid found in the back yard, on the Parking lot of the Palestinian diplomatic mission. Shortly thereafter he died from his injuries. According to preliminary investigation, the cause of death was falling from a great height. Presumably, Zaid fell out of the window. The investigation continues to examine the circumstances of the accident, looking for evidence of murder, suicide or accident.

At the same time, the correspondent of Qatar TV channel «al Jazeera» in the capital of Bulgaria said that Zaid before death tortured: the legs and head of the deceased there are traces of deep cuts. The Bulgarian authorities this information is not confirmed.

The Palestinian Safa Agency with reference to the widow of the deceased writes that the Ambassador of Palestine had prevented his brother Zaid to inspect the corpse. This is published in the frame of the bloodied face of the dead body of Umar Zaid (apparently made at the Embassy on February 26).

The brother Hamza Zaid said the publication of the Palestinian close to the leadership of the PFLP that early in the morning on 26 February at the Embassy of Palestine in Sofia, where he lived, Umar, entered «unidentified». He stated that the murder was made possible through the connivance of the Palestinian Ambassador in Bulgaria, which sought to banish unwanted fugitive from the territory of the Embassy.

The PFLP accused of involvement in the murder of Umar Zaid not only the Israeli intelligence «Mossad», but also the Palestinian authority. In Jerusalem stated that Israel was not interested in conducting a complex operation to eliminate the «old fighter». The President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas declared that condemns «brutal crime» and ordered to form a Commission of inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Zayed, demanding that the Bulgarian side information about the incident.

As at 29 February, the Bulgarian authorities did not give an exact cause of death of Umar Zaid.

Umar Naif Saeed was sentenced for the murder of a yeshiva student in Jerusalem in 1986. In 1990 he was admitted to hospital in Bethlehem and managed to escape from there. Zaid changed several Arab countries, and in 1994 moved to Bulgaria. At the end of 2015, Israeli authorities have asked the Bulgarian colleagues, demanding extradition. Zaid then took refuge in the Embassy of Palestine.

The representative of PA in Bulgaria Ahmad al-Misbah warned in January 2016, the government of this country that the issuance Zayed will set a dangerous precedent. According to him, Israel filed a request in accordance with the rules of extradition of criminals, but actually «Zaid is being persecuted for political reasons.»

Leftist circles in the West has spread a petition with a demand not to extradite terrorists to Israel. Himself Umar Zaid claimed that he is innocent of murder, and that the confession had been extracted from him under torture.

The Bulgarian government responded to the request of the Ambassador of PA, which may not interfere in judicial matters because the legal system of Bulgaria is independent and is guided only by the laws.

According to «Palestinian information center» (website of Hamas), Umar Zaid continued to coordinate the actions of the activists of the PFLP, including abroad, while staying in Bulgaria.

A brief history of assassinations of leaders of Palestinian terror

July 1972. Lebanon. Killed Hasan Fayez Kanafani – a leader of the «Popular front for the liberation of Palestine.»

October 1972. Italy. Liquidated Abdel Wael Zwaiter – PLO representative in Rome.

January 1973. France. Liquidated Mahmoud al-hamshary – PLO representative in Paris.

January 1973. Cyprus. Destroyed an activist of the «Black September», Hussein Aboul-Khair.

April 1973. France. Liquidated one of the leaders of the PLO Basile AI-Kubaisy.

April 1973. Lebanon. Destroyed three of the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yusuf an-Najjar, Kamal Adwan and Kamal Nasser.

April 1973. Cyprus. Liquidated activist of the PLO Musa Abu Zayd.

May 1973. Norway. Unsuccessful attempt of liquidation of Ali Hassan Salama.

July 1973. France. Destroyed the commander of the «Black September» Muhammad Badia.

January 1979. Lebanon. Ali Hassan destroyed Salama who planned the abduction of Israeli athletes during the Olympic games in Munich (1972).

July 1979. France. In Cannes killed an activist of the PLO Zuhair Muhsen.

April 1988. Tunisia. Destroyed Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), one of the leaders of the PLO and Arafat’s Deputy.

February 1992. Lebanon. Destroyed the leader «Hezbollah» Sheikh Abbas Moussaoui.

October 1995. Malta. Killed the leader of Islamic Jihad, Fathi Shkaki.

January 1996. Gas. Destroyed «Hamas engineer» Yahya, Ayache.

September 1997. Jordan. Failed assassination attempt on Hamas leader Khalid Mashal.

July 2001. Shechem. During the special operation killed Salah Darwaza – the leader of Hamas.

July 2001. Shechem. Eliminated Jamal al-Mansur, the leader of Hamas in Samaria.

August 2001. Ramallah. Killed the leader of the «Popular front for the liberation of Palestine,» Abu Ali Mustafa.

November 2001. Shechem. Liquidated Mahmoud Abu Hanoud – leader «brigades of Izaddin al-kasama» (Hamas) in the West Bank.

January 2002. Tulkarm. Destroyed the leader «Brigades of martyrs of al-Aksy» (Fatah) Riad Karmi.

July 2002. Gas. Killed the leader of Hamas Salah al-Shada.

September 2002. The Gaza Strip. Failed assassination attempt on Hamas leader Muhammad thanks very much.

November 2002. Jenin. Killed the leader of Islamic Jihad, Iyad Sawalha.

February 2003. Gas. Killed the leader of Hamas, Ibrahim Maqadma.

June 2003. Gas. An unsuccessful attempt on Hamas leader Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi.

August 2003. Gas. Destroyed Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shanab.

September 2003. Gas. Failed attempt at the elimination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

March 2004. Gas. Eliminated the spiritual leader of Hamas Sheikh Ahmad Yasin.

April 2004. Gas. Destroyed Hamas leader Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi.

September 2004. Damascus. Liquidated ideologist of the Hamas Izzadin Sheikh Subhi al-Khalil.

December 2005. Gas. Destroyed the leader of the «popular resistance Committees» Muhammad Arkan.

March 2006. Gas. As a result of a car bomb attack killed the leader of the «popular resistance Committees,» Khalil al-cook («Abu Yusuf»). The Palestinians claim that it was destroyed by the Israelis. The investigation has not been completed.

May 2006. Gas. Killed the leader of Islamic Jihad, Muhammad Dahduh.

June 2006. Gas. Destroyed the leader of the «popular resistance Committees» Imad Azalea.

June 2006. Gas. Eliminated the leader of the «popular resistance Committees», the Deputy head of the Palestinian interior Ministry Jamal Samhadana.

July 2006. Gas. Seriously wounded militant leader of Hamas Muhammad, thanks very much. According to official information, he is survived by his whereabouts are unknown.

January 2009. Gas. During operation «Cast lead» destroyed Nizar Ryan, the mufti of the military wing of Hamas.

January 2009. Gas. During operation «Cast lead» eliminated one of the leaders of Hamas, the head of the «interior Ministry» said Siyam.

May 2009. Hebron. During a special operation liquidated the leader of the Hamas leader Abd al-Majid Dudin, who was hiding for 14 years.

January 2010. Dubai (UAE). Eliminated coordinator of Hamas Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

July 2010. Nuseirat, Gaza. Killed the leader of Hamas fighters ISA al-Batran, «Abu Bilal».

August 2011. Gas. Destroyed, the Secretary General of the «popular resistance Committees» Kamal Neirab.

March 2012. Gas. Destroyed, the Secretary General of the «popular resistance Committees» Zuhair El Casey, «Abu Ibrahim».

November 2012. Gas. Destroyed, the Secretary General «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (Hamas) Ahmad Jabari.

August 2014. Gas. Destroyed «generals Hamas» Raad al-Atar, Muhammad Abu Shamla and Muhammad Barhoum.

February 2016. Sofia. Killed one of the leaders of the PFLP Umar Naif Hassan Zaid.


In the Arab sources is called a lot of names of leaders of radical Palestinian organizations, allegedly liquidated by special services of Israel. However, the management of «Mossad» has repeatedly stressed that often the leaders of the Palestinians became victims of internecine war. For example, the militants of the Abu nidala («the Revolutionary Council of Fatah») has committed many murders of leaders of the PLO (in some cases, on the direct orders of Yasser Arafat). Among them were killed: said Hammami, London (January 1978), Yasin Ali (Kuwait city, June 1978), Izzedine al-Kalak (Paris, August 1978), Yousuf Mubarak (Paris, January 1980), Naim Khader (Brussels, June 1981), the ISAM Sartawi (Lisbon, April 1983), Salah Khalaf (Abu Eyad) (January 1991), and others.

«Al-Jazeera»: the leader of the PFLP was tortured before murder in Sofia 29.02.2016

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