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«Al-Rai»: Russia gave Syria s-300

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Rai», Russia gave Syria anti-aircraft missile system s-300. On this edition said a source involved in the work of the Damascus coordinating center, which includes representatives of Syria, Russia, Iran and Hizbullah.

It is noted that the calculations AAMS were trained after the signing of the 2010 contract to supply Syria With s-300. Despite the fact that Damascus is Moscow paid an advance on four batteries, the deal was never completed.

According to a source, Damascus intends to officially announce that the aircraft of any state, operating in Syrian airspace without the consent of the government, will be considered as enemy and can be shot down without prior warning.

The newspaper also reports that Iran intends to establish on Syrian territory a permanent air base. For this purpose, use the base of the Syrian air force Ties, which is situated between HOMS and Palmyra. Experts note that it is located in the heart of Syria and to control all the country’s airspace.

According to «al-Rai», These will base two squadrons of the Iranian air force. Their main task is air support of 4,000 Iranian troops participating in the fighting on Syrian territory. In service aircraft will participate Russian equipment.

According to foreign media reports, in the airspace of Syria and operate the Israeli air force. It is unclear how the Syrian s-300 if they are indeed transferred to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, will limit the freedom of action of the IDF.

Note, however, that Israeli pilots regularly carry out joint exercises with the Greek air force – States, which are those of SAM. Also recall that prior to the signing of the agreement with Iran, U.S. officials said that s-300 will not stop operations to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

«Al-Rai»: Russia gave Syria s-300 03.12.2015

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