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«Al-Rai»: the Iranian air force plan to join operations against ISIS in Syria

Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Rai» claims that Iran plans soon to join operations against the «Islamic state» in Syria by sending its military aircraft to support efforts by the Russian aerospace defence forces.

The authors do not give concrete data on the transfer of Iranian aviation.

Iran has no border with Syria (Islamic Republic borders with Turkey and Iraq). To participate in the operation against ISIS in Syria the Iranian aircraft will be necessary basing on the Syrian or Iraqi territory (Turks like this airfield does not provide).

It should be noted that Iran has several dozen bombers su-24 and su-25, the front-line fighters MiG-29 and other combat aircraft. However, the Iranian air force aircraft, mostly obsolete.

From a military point of view, practical sense, the participation of Iranian air force in the operation in Syria has not. But Tehran may formally join the operation, relying on political resonance.

Official sources in Tehran and Damascus this publication «al-Rai» does not comment.

«Al-Rai» («Opinion») has a reputation of publications, often publishing inaccurate information. But the publication about the readiness of the Iranian air force to join the operation in Syria was quoted in Friday many Israeli media, particularly the newspaper «Israel and Yom».

«Al-Rai»: the Iranian air force plan to join operations against ISIS in Syria 04.12.2015

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