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«Al-Sharq al-Awsat»: Netanyahu asked Him to help banish Hamas from Lebanon

Leaving London Saudi newspaper «Ash-shark al-Ausat» writes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Paris asked the President of France Emmanuel Makron to use its influence in Beirut, in order to prevent the transfer to Lebanon of the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas, expelled from Qatar.

Earlier, Lebanese media reported that some leaders of the Sunni Hamas moved to South Beirut and under the patronage of the Shia «Hezbollah». In particular, it was about Salah al-Arouri after his release from an Israeli prison who lived in Turkey and Qatar.

In the publications of the French media about the talks, Netanyahu and Macron noted that considerable attention, on the initiative of the Israeli leader, was paid to the problem of strengthening of Hizbullah in Lebanon and Syria.

Note that yesterday, the newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat,» wrote that the leadership of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, against the background of problems with the continued functioning of the headquarters in Qatar, have applied for opening an office in Algeria. According to this source, the Algerian authorities have not yet responded to the appeal of the leadership of Hamas.

The publication noted that Hamas seeks to create a situation in which the international community could not arise claims to any one state about cooperation with the Palestinian «Islamic resistance movement». For this, in addition to offices in Gaza, Lebanon, Malaysia and Qatar, Hamas is trying to open offices in other countries.

Recall that after the expulsion from Jordan, the main overseas headquarters of Hamas was in Syria, however, against the backdrop of civil war in this country and the unwillingness of the Palestinian Islamists to support the Assad regime or its opponents, Hamas lost office in Damascus.

In connection with pressure from the United States and other partners in NATO, the Turkish authorities have also been forced to deny Hamas in hospitality, and «Turkish headquarters», which was led by Salah al-Arouri moved to South Beirut, under the patronage of Hizbullah.

According to «al-Sharq al-Awsat», a senior Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri is currently residing in Algeria. He confirmed that a few months ago, the Hamas leadership has filed a request for the opening of the official headquarters in this North African state.

The former head of Hamas Politburo Khalid Mashaal is still in Qatar, although the other leaders of the organization left the country. It is not excluded that Meshaal intends to move to Algeria.

«Al-Sharq al-Awsat»: Netanyahu asked Him to help banish Hamas from Lebanon 18.07.2017

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