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«Alat»: talkativeness of Steinitz broke the summit, Netanyahu and al-Sisi

Published in London the Saudi site «Elaf» argues that the Egyptian leadership at the last moment refused to participate in Cairo summit between Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi.

The reason for this was the statement made by the Minister of energy Uvalam Stinica. Israeli politician said that the Egyptians flooding the tunnels of smugglers on border of Gaza strip and Sinai, acting on the request of Israel. These words caused indignation of official Cairo.

Egyptian authorities handed over through diplomatic channels a letter, which sharply condemned the words of Steinitz, and emphasized the groundlessness of such statements. It should be noted that in Israel the statement of the Minister of energy has caused confusion.

The publication quoted an Israeli source, according to which the head of the military-political Department of the Ministry of defense Amos Gilad, almost fully agreed on the program of the visit from the Egyptian side.

According to the website, Netanyahu expressed his outrage in a conversation with Stinica. He also asked the Ministers to refrain from making statements on military and political Affairs, warned about the inadmissibility of information leaks.

«Alat»: talkativeness of Steinitz broke the summit, Netanyahu and al-Sisi 14.02.2016

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