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Aleppo: rebels blew up a factory for the production of chlorine gas

Syrian rebels detonated a powerful explosive device planted in a tunnel dug under a chemical company in the suburbs of Aleppo. Reportedly, the factory was conducted the production of chlorine gas.

The rebels published a video shows that the complex caused considerable damage. After the explosion over the area rose a cloud of yellow-grey smoke hundreds of metres high. The explosion was accompanied by shouts of «Allah Akbar!»

Responsibility for the bombing of the factory were taken by the grouping of «Knights of justice brigade», a part of the Army of free Syria.

It should be noted that the militants are using the tunnels with powerful roadside bombs for the destruction of government infrastructure. In March 2015 they blew up the headquarters of the security services in Aleppo. Explosion was such force that was registered by the counters as a weak earthquake.

Chlorine gas is not subject to an agreement to eliminate Syrian chemical Arsenal. Reports from Syria messages, it is used as supporters of President Bashar al-Assad and the militants of radical groups.

Aleppo: rebels blew up a factory for the production of chlorine gas 10.12.2015

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