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Alexander Gauland in Tages anzeiger: «Islam is not correlated with our cultural values»

Alexander Gauland, the main candidate of the party «Alternative for Germany», which, according to him, «has a good chance to get into the Bundestag this fall», believes that Islam has no place in Germany. He stated this in an interview with Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger.

«Of course, I support freedom of religion. But at the same time I ask myself the question, whether Islam is the same religion, such as Evangelical Lutheranism or Catholicism? And then I have big doubts. After all, Islam sets the rules for the state and society are inconsistent with the Constitution,» – said the politician.

At this point, Howland calls to remember «the attitude of Islam to woman and that once in Cairo, all the Islamic countries have declared that human rights have force only in cases when not in conflict with the Shariah.» «This means that Islam is the formative force for the state and society and goes far beyond the private religion,» he said.

«This is why we say that Islam is mainly a political Islam. The Constitution only protects private faith, not a real political Islamization of the country», – said Gowland.

Also, Gowland sure that the German Turks are not integrated in Germany. «The fact that German Turks overwhelmingly in a referendum Erdogan voted in favor of changes in the Constitution, shows that the integration failed. So I think it is appropriate, if the paths diverge again and the Turks would be to practice loyalty between Istanbul and Ankara, and we have to preserve our identity here.»

Gowland, confirmed that he would be happy if Turks who voted for Erdogan, left Germany. «The referendum showed that they are not integrated in Germany, it was not their homeland».

«At your party talking about Muslims so lightly, as once in Germany said about the Jews, – said the journalist. – You have a negative attitude to this harassment?»

«I’m not baiting, if I state that Islam is not correlated with our cultural values,» said Gauland. «Under the Nazis, Jews were not persecuted for religious reasons and because of national origin. From this we distanciruemsa categorically. I am not an adherent of the doctrines of racial purity. I’m just saying that Islam is a cultural problem in this country and throughout Europe».

Alexander Gauland in Tages anzeiger: «Islam is not correlated with our cultural values» 30.05.2017

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