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Alma littera returns all books Rute Vanagaite, including a book about the participation of Lithuanians in the Holocaust

Lithuanian theatre critic, writer, journalist Ruta Vanagaite – the author published in the 2016 book, «Nashi» («Mūsiškiai») about the participation of Lithuanians in the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust – is currently in Israel. 15 and 17 February, she will deliver lectures in Jerusalem and tel Aviv.

Thursday, February 1, the Lithuanian website Delfi reported that in Lithuania, a compromise was made, under which the publishing house Alma littera, in October last year decided to withdraw all copies of books Vanagaite from sale and keep them in a warehouse in Kaunas, reports 26.700 of copies of books sold to the author. While Vanagaite will have to pay the publisher compensation. The writer said that doesn’t know what to do with so many books, apparently, they will have to rent a place in the warehouse.

Ruta Vanagaite plans to donate some books to the library, as well as actively sell them over the Internet.

The author is glad that the books are withdrawn from sale, was not destroyed. «My children return to me», – quotes its words a site of Delfi.

It’s not just about «Mūsiškiai», but also about other Vanagaite books, including her autobiography «Višta strimelės galva», which reached the shelves of bookstores in Lithuania.

Publishing house Alma littera refused to cooperate with Vanagaite and withdrew her book from sale after it made comments about the biography of the commander of the Lithuanian partisans of Adolfas of Ramanauskas-Vanagas, who later apologized.

Last summer, in an interview with told me about the book «Our,» «I started writing from the point of view of a man who knows nothing. I stood on one level with his reader, he began to understand completely from scratch – how would the man in the street… I wrote a shocking book. All sharp corners, all the shocking facts – they are in the book. It turned out to be a detective or a scary book, written by a simple man in the street».

«Historians of the subject investigated, but the General public (in Lithuania) did not know all this. We all turn a blind eye, all it was convenient. No one is forced to look the terrible truth in the face. In my education, and the education of my children, the Holocaust was given in the ninth-tenth grade for 45 minutes. Said that 200 thousand killed, said on local collaborators, and the rest of the time talking about those who saved Jews. Don’t talk about it as about the system, about the mechanism of destruction. It is about the handful of geeks. That’s what we knew. My interest began with the fact that two of my relatives were seemingly involved. They did not shoot, but when I found out how it all happened… People did not shoot, but they made lists, did the job in the government, was guarded. They were participants in the Holocaust,» said Vanagaite.

The book «Our» was translated into English and Hebrew. She recently came out in the Israeli publishing house «Yediot Ahronot».

Alma littera returns all books Rute Vanagaite, including a book about the participation of Lithuanians in the Holocaust 01.02.2018

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