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ALOR Azariah began to serve his sentence in a military prison

Wednesday, August 9, ALOR Azariah began serving a prison sentence in a military prison No. 4 in Crivina. Azariah arrived in jail, accompanied by relatives and supporters. Attorney Yoram Sheftel, representing Elora Azariah, said: «Today is a sad day for 90% of the Israeli citizens and a feast for the enemy Arab and Israeli media.»

Near the prison building was a demonstration of right-wing activists who protested against the conclusion Elora Azariah.

On 8 August the court of appeal rejected the request of Azariah to postpone serving his sentence until the moment when the chief of staff Gadi Gadi eizenkot will take a decision on the request to commute the sentence recently demobilized soldier.

On 30 July the court of appeal in the «Kyrie» upheld the verdict and sentence in the case Elora Azariah. The decision was taken by a majority of three judges – the other two demanded to increase the punishment. The head of the court of appeal major-General Doron Palis rejected all defense arguments. The court held that the precedents that led to the investigation, are in this case irrelevant.

We will remind that on 24 March 2016 at the intersection of Wilber in tel Rumeida two Arab terrorists, armed with knives, attacked the soldiers and wounded one of them. The attackers opened fire: one of them (Ramzi al-Kasrawi) was killed on the spot, the second (Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif) was injured. On the scene arrived the ambulance «Magen David Adom». After the wounded soldier was put in the ambulance, an incident occurred which was the cause of the trial. The human rights organization B’tselem published a video showing what was happening. In this three-minute video shows how one of the soldiers (ALOR Azariah) shoots al-Sharif, lying on her back. The bullet hit him in the head, the wound proved fatal. Shortly thereafter, the soldier, who has made «control shot», was arrested.

In addition to the video of the incident, a common organization B’tselem, there are others. One of them heard one of the doctors says that the terrorist has a bomb, and it can not come before arrival of sappers.

Note that, as a rule, in such situations, neutralized the terrorists undressed to ensure that the body is not explosive devices under your clothes and hidden weapons. The commander of the brigade, which serves as Azariah reprimanded the commander and two squad leaders that they failed to timely screening, the terrorists neutralized.

ALOR Azariah began to serve his sentence in a military prison 09.08.2017

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