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Amazon has made the user agreement paragraph on its revocation in case of a zombie Apocalypse

Corporation Amazon has updated this week’s user agreement, making it an unusual paragraph on the beginning on Earth of mass zombie attack.

Chapter 57 of the user agreement on conditions of using a free game engine Lumberyard. The attention of users and media drew the 10th paragraph of this Chapter, which lists the prohibitions on the use.

In particular, it is emphasized that the engine is not intended for use in life support systems or security, medical equipment, automatic vehicles, aircraft, control systems for air transportation, nuclear facilities, space stations, and for military purposes.

However, these restrictions are cancelled in the event of a confirmed American Federal control over epidemics rapidly spreading viral infection that is transmitted through bites or contact with bodily fluids, forcing the human corpses to come to life and seek human flesh, blood, brains and nervous tissue, and threatens to lead to the fall of human civilization.

Recall that in 2014, a respectable American magazine Foreign Policy published an exclusive material , which focuses on the fact that the Pentagon has a plan in case of zombie attack. The document referred to in the material stored in the closed network of the Ministry of defence called CONOP 8888. The document has no classified information, but access to it is only available to users on the network. It contains practical advice on how to neutralize the threat posed by the living dead.

The document «Achieving dominance in the fight against zombies» was posted online. The authors stress that the plan is not a joke or a hoax, but, as noted by Foreign Policy, of course, the Pentagon did not believe in the reality of this scenario. The authors wanted to emphasize that the techniques described in this manual can be used in crisis situations when the protection of the population from any kind of threats.

The plan fell into the hands of journalists, was developed by the Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States in the period from 2009 to 2010. The drafters of the document as the imaginary enemy chose zombies, to the echoes of the real threats, and, if the document falls into the wrong hands, it could not have been mistaken for a real plan.

This fictional scenario, in particular, is used in the learning process of the U.S. military.

Amazon has made the user agreement paragraph on its revocation in case of a zombie Apocalypse 11.02.2016

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