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American congressmen are demanding that the US withdrew from the Treaty on INF

Several members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from the Republican party sent to the White house a proposal on the country’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) signed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in 1987.

About it reports on Sunday, June 25, influential us newspaper Politico.

According to the Congressman-Republican Mike Rogers, who cites the website of the TV channel «Rain», from the United States «irresponsible to continue to comply with the contract when the other party did not comply».

The proposal to withdraw from the INF Treaty was provoked by repeated accusations that Russia violates the agreement, under this agreement, and shall test this document prohibited weapons.

The Pentagon and the US state Department, for its part, recognized the existence of «serious questions» about the agreement, however, warned against withdrawing from the Treaty that could ignite a full-scale arms race.

Politico reports that last year the Pentagon in its report to the U.S. Congress, which has not been previously published, and warned against withdrawal from the Treaty and argued that it is better to urge Russia to abide by it than to get out of it.

In early March, the United States accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty by deploying ballistic missiles land-based. The Kremlin rejected the accusations and in turn accused of the same offence in the USA.

The defense Ministry claims that the US, under the guise of test work the use of intermediate and Manisha range, which is prohibited by the Treaty.

The document in question was signed in 1987 by Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and entered into force a year later. The Treaty prohibits both sides to test and deploy cruise and ballistic missiles, ground-based medium (1000 — 5,500 kilometers) and shorter (500 — 1000 km) range.

American congressmen are demanding that the US withdrew from the Treaty on INF 25.06.2017

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