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American oncologists have learned how to cure prostate cancer using herpes virus

The results of studies conducted by Oncology Methodist hospital Houston, Texas, indicate that the combination of radiation therapy and methods of «self-destructive gene therapy» is very effective in curing prostate cancer.

About it writes on Sunday, December 13 edition of the Jewish business News, citing an article published yesterday in the scientific journal The Journal of Radiation Oncology.

In this study, conducted in the period between 1999 and 2003, sixty-six men with prostate cancer in the second stage, were divided into two groups. In one of them, called «group A», patients with more mild form of the disease received only radiation therapy, while the second, group b, where more severe patients, applied radiation and hormonal therapy simultaneously.

Brian Butler, head of the project, explained that his staff introduced patients adenovirus, similar to the one that causes the common cold and causes cold sores.

Data obtained as a result of this experience, has led scientists to the conclusion that, the herpes virus, if used in combination with radiotherapy is stationed in the cells of the tumor and destroys it from the inside, while increasing the immunity of the person.

The researchers believe that in the near future, the herpes virus will be widely used to treat a number of cancers. The case for pharmacologists to conduct extensive testing of such drugs.

American oncologists have learned how to cure prostate cancer using herpes virus 13.12.2015

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