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American shot best friend who was caught in bed with her fiancé

36-year-old Aimee brown of Washington, the mother of two children, was recognized by the jury guilty of the murder of her best friend Amanda hill, 35 years old who was caught after his birthday in bed with her fiancé Brandon Fayer.

About this tragedy says Wednesday, February 14 edition of The Tri-City Herald.

Brown and Fayer, invited hill and her boyfriend to his on Friday to celebrate the birthday of Aimee. The party was held in a camper where the owners and the guests drank until the son of the birthday girl played home video games. Around midnight, the fire went into the house – he claimed that he needed to sleep before work. Hill told the friend that she needs to take a bath, and went into the house after him.

Brown stayed in the van with her boyfriend hill, but twenty minutes later she looked in the house and found in his bed the friend with the groom. She screamed desperately and ran out to the yard to smoke a cigarette. Hill married her, pushed her, grabbed her hair and threw it on the ground.

When Amy managed to escape, she ran to her car models of Cadillac Escalade, got stored 38-caliber pistol Smith & Wesson and twice pulled the trigger. She claims she didn’t mean to kill her friend and did it in the heat of passion.

Shooting, she rushed to help a wounded friend and demanded that the groom called 911. However, medical help was not required hill died in her arms.

The defendant was found guilty of manslaughter and released on bail in the amount of $ 100,000. Relatives and friends Aimee brown told reporters that she had always been a strong, but very gullible.

American shot best friend who was caught in bed with her fiancé 15.02.2018

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