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American student arrested in North Korea, admitted that wanted to steal the flag

North Korean authorities released vidorolikov with a record of confession of guilt by the detainee in this country is 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia Otto Vermerom. A student cried and told us that was trying to steal the flag of the DPRK Yanggakdo International hotel in Pyongyang, where he lived.

About it writes on Monday, on February 29, the news Agency AP.

Warmbir, who was in North Korea in the framework of tourist trips organized by the Agency Young Pioneer Tours, told that promised to bring the flag to a friend of his mother, a parishioner of the Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, where he came from.

For this souvenir promised him a used car costing $ 10,000. In the case of arrest, as he claimed, his mother will receive $ 200,000 from a charity Fund.

About the arrest the student was declared in January of this year. DPRK authorities claim that the suspect allegedly accused of anti-state crime perpetrated with the support of the U.S. government and within the framework of these instructions. The essence and motives of this crime and form of punishment are not known to the press and the American authorities.

Earlier, prisoners of the North Korean regime, quite on the contrary, strongly rejected the admissions made by them under pressure.

John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, where the family of the student, calls the arrest «inexcusable» and urged President Barack Obama to exert maximum efforts for the release of an American citizen. Kasich requires the DPRK to submit proof of guilt of the detainee – in nasty case, to release him immediately.

Note that John Kasich is fighting today for the post of head of the White house from the Republican party, but his chances of winning are small.

American student arrested in North Korea, admitted that wanted to steal the flag 01.03.2016

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