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Amira Hess: «Emigration to Israel today is a crime»

The journalist of the newspaper Haaretz, Amira Hess said, speaking at a conference edition that took place in new York that «in the current circumstances, the emigration of Jews to Israel, particularly from developed, Western countries is a crime».

According to the spokesman, this statement höss made in the discussion «round table» on a theme «struggle for equality». In her speech, she criticized Israel’s policies in the occupied territories, and then touched upon the discrimination of the Arabs the right to enter Israel.

«Every American Jew has in Israel law, which deprived the Palestinians,» said Hess. «Every American Jew can visit Israel, while the Palestinians are deprived of such opportunities, even if you were born here, and have recorded on their property and real estate,» she added.

According to Hess, «the American Jew can emigrate and settle in any part of the country – from the sea to the river Jordan, and the Palestinians who were born here, have no opportunity to return and obtain citizenship,» said Hess.

From this she concluded that «in extreme discrimination, which is constantly increasing, emigration to Israel is a conscious decision to participate in the alienation of Palestinians, the expulsion and the establishment of the country’s apartheid regime».

«Apartheid is a crime, and therefore the emigration of Jews here in the current situation is a crime, especially when it comes to emigration from developed countries,» concluded Hess.

Amira Hess: «Emigration to Israel today is a crime» 17.12.2015

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