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Amos Gilad: U.S. allocates $ 100 million to the fight against the tunnels Hamas

Monday, February 2, the head of the military-political staff at the Ministry of defence the General-the major of a stock Amos Gilad in an interview with radio station Galei Tzahal said that the United States provides more than $ 100 million in research in Israel for the establishment of an effective detection system of tunnels.

While Gilad assured that currently there are no tunnels from Gaza leading into Israeli territory, the construction of which was completed terrorist organization Hamas or other factions.

This statement of Amos Gilad quote many media outlets, including «Palestinian information center» belonging to Hamas.

Many military analysts say that the construction of the Hamas «tunnels Jihad» can serve as a pretext to start a new large-scale IDF operation in the Gaza strip with the use of not only air but also ground forces.

UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon in his recent speech on the situation in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, criticizing the Israeli authorities for failing to negotiate with the Palestinian authority, also addressed an appeal to the government of Gaza (in fact, to the leadership of Hamas), saying about the necessity of immediate cessation of the construction of tunnels that lead to Israeli territory.

Last Sunday the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, also holds the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, at a meeting with Israeli ambassadors, speaking about the threat of the tunnels of the terrorists, Netanyahu said: «if Israel is attacked through one of the tunnels leading from Gaza, the response will be immediate, and it will be much more powerful than during operation protective edge».

This statement was supported by some other Ministers, particularly the Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz.

During the anti-terrorist operation «enduring rock» (summer of 2014) were discovered dozens of tunnels leading from Gaza into Israeli territory. Largely, for the destruction of these tunnels, it was decided to conduct a ground operation in Gaza. Then it was destroyed just 32 tunnel terrorists. The last such tunnel was destroyed by the military in February 2015. But after operation protective edge about the discovery of the Israeli military new tunnels of the terrorists has not been reported, although residents of the settlements located near the Gaza border, has repeatedly stated that hear the echoes of underground works.

After August 2014, the IDF completed the operation «enduring rock», the command «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (a fighting wing Hamas) have made considerable efforts to restore the bases in Beit Hanoun, Shujie and Khan Younis. Special attention pays Hamas underground utilities, which provide the redeployment of militants and implemented approaches to rocket mines. In addition, thousands of employees were involved in the restoration of old and creation of new tunnels on the borders of Gaza – on the southern direction, where the tunnels crossed arms and goods from Egypt, as well as the East and North, where the tunnels allow militants to enter Israeli territory. During the construction of these tunnels were used the concrete is delivered by contraband from Egypt, including from individuals who are not able to complete the rehabilitation of their homes due to lack of funds and materials, and he sold concrete to Hamas, as well as the materials that Gas received as humanitarian aid.

Over the past few years the Egyptian military has destroyed more than 1,500 tunnels on the southern border of the Gaza strip. Last year a programme was initiated for the total elimination of such underground utilities and to prevent further attempts at construction of tunnels. Egyptian authorities, despite protests from the leadership of Hamas, continue the flow of sea water through the pipes from the Mediterranean sea along the border with the Gaza strip with a view to the total elimination of underground tunnels, used by smugglers and terrorists. These works also allow to detect tunnels, protected against water: for example, in November last year on the border with Gaza by the Egyptians was first identified and destroyed «steel» tunnel, which was a design width and height of several meters, with a wall thickness of about 40 centimeters. This tunnel went into Egyptian territory in the 200 meters and was under construction.

Amos Gilad: U.S. allocates $ 100 million to the fight against the tunnels Hamas 02.02.2016

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