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Anna Nemtsova in the Daily Beast: Kadyrov has eclipsed al-Baghdadi and Putin

«This week the Russian Muslims played political biceps at huge rally: more than 500 thousand people gathered in front of the mosque to applaud the speeches, which criticized the foreign policy of the Kremlin» – writes in the Daily Beast journalist Anna Nemtsova. «But the person who excited the crowd was none other than Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya, often calling themselves «loyal foot soldier» of the Russian President Putin,» the article says.

«Kadyrov’s anger was directed at Myanmar’s leadership and the seeming indifference of the Kremlin to the deaths of hundreds of Sunni Muslims belonging to the ethnic Rohingya. Russian political observers understand how to interpret the signal that a key Muslim leader in the country has sent Moscow from the South of the Republic», – writes the edition.

Sociologist Denis Volkov wrote in the newspaper «Vedomosti», the Russian Muslims got a choice between political platforms, inspired by Kadyrov, and ideas promoted by the leader of the so-called «Islamic state» Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. «Only al-Baghdadi, who is 46, has lost the Caliphate, and 40-year-old Ramzan Kadyrov, possibly, gets a second wind as a politician and a religious leader,» says Volkov.

«To make a statement for your blog, Kadyrov appeared before millions of fans, sitting on the carved Golden throne. «If I had my way and had the opportunity, I would have hit a nuclear bomb on those who kill women, children and elderly people,» – Kadyrov said, not specifying who the specific enemy, but hinting at his disappointment because he’s not in charge of the Russian nuclear Arsenal,» the article says. Nemtsov brings another Kadyrov’s statement: «even If Russia will support those devils who are committing crime, I am against Russia’s position, because I have my own vision, my own position».

«In the spring, Russia and China blocked a UN Security Council initiative aimed at resolving the bloody crisis in Myanmar – says the author. – In Moscow, no one carried this debate and no one worried about the former British colony in Southeast Asia.»

The next day after the rally in Grozny, on Tuesday, President Putin condemned the violence in Myanmar and urged the Kremlin to bring the situation under control.

«But who takes control of the situation, at least on this issue – the Kremlin or Kadyrov?» – asks Nemtsov.

Anna Nemtsova in the Daily Beast: Kadyrov has eclipsed al-Baghdadi and Putin 08.09.2017

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