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Announced the date of the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan

The President of the Kurdish Autonomous region of Iraq Masoud Barzani stated that on 25 September 2017 will be a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan. The decision was taken to Erbil for a meeting of all Kurdish parties.

A referendum will be held not only on the territory of the Kurdish autonomy, but also in other provinces of Iraq held by the Kurds. However, will not affect other States, which is densely populated by Kurds of Turkey, Syria and Iran.

The Iraqi government opposes the independence of Kurdistan. Resistance to Baghdad would be much stronger if the new state will enter the oil-rich province of Kirkuk. It is outside the region, even in Kurdish majority.

On 2 April, the Iraqi Parliament has vetoed the decision of the Council of Kirkuk to raise over state institutions, the flags of Kurdistan. Kurdish politicians in droves boycotted the meeting.

It is expected that residents will vote for secession from Iraq. The key will be the question that will follow. It is also unclear what will happen with Turkey, whose authorities have stated that will not tolerate the creation of an independent Kurdistan.

Announced the date of the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan 08.06.2017

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