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Another blunder Ben Carson, who used to debate «quote from Stalin»

During yesterday’s election debates neurosurgeon-African American Ben Carson, the candidate for US presidents from Republican party quoted the phrase wrongly attributed to Joseph Stalin.

«Joseph Stalin said that, if you want to defeat America, you need to destroy three things – spiritual life, patriotism and morality», – quotes the words of Carson the publication the Hill.

The results of the audits carried out by the Snopes site suggests that Stalin never uttered that phrase – neither in his speeches nor in interviews or in articles such allegations had not been found. The phrase was also not detected in the Stalin Internet archive and the materials collected by the library of the University of Pennsylvania.

This quote attributed to the dictator, users of social network Facebook in 2011. In full form, this phrase sounded so: «America is like a healthy organism, whose resistance consists of three parts: patriotism, morality and spiritual life. If we can undermine them, the inevitable collapse of America».

Recall that this penalty is not the first latter-day in the life of the policy. In 1998 Carson, a member of the Church «Seventh day Adventist», claimed that the Egyptian pyramids were built by the biblical Patriarch Joseph and used them as granaries.This video caused a wide resonance in American society, published in November last year, BuzzFeed.

This statement was made during a speech at the University of Andrews in Berrien springs, Michigan, with close ties to the Church of Seventh-day Adventists. Carson strongly denied the speculation that the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were built by aliens from outer space, but the version of archeologists it also did not work.

His conjecture he bases on the internal layout of the pyramids, contains many tight spaces, and also asserted that the assistance provided to the builders by the Lord himself, and with this support the need for the alien disappears.
This theory was refuted, among others, Daniel Weber, the representative of the Church of Seventh-day Adventists, saying in an interview with the AP that she is «personal interpretation» of Carson.

Strongly do not support this version and Jody Magness, an expert in the field of Judaism, holding a high position in the Department of religious studies at the University of North Carolina. She stated last Thursday that archaeologists are convinced that the pyramids are the tombs of Egyptian kings, and for this purpose has developed.

Ben Carson for 29 years led the pediatric neurosurgery in the pediatric hospital at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, where he lives. It became the world’s first surgeon, who spent a successful operation to separate Siamese twins, fused heads. Fate Carson was the basis for the movie Gifted Hands, starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

Carson is an activist ultra-right Tea Party movement and sharply criticizes modern America, which compares with Nazi Germany. He is also going to perform in the TV show Good Morning America, but canceled it for a trip to Dallas to say goodbye to her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Another blunder Ben Carson, who used to debate «quote from Stalin» 14.02.2016

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