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Anyone want to tear the wolves of NATO. Review of Russian media

The Moscow city court has left without consideration the claim of the inhabitants of Moscow, who asked to annul the decision of the capital government «About accounting of opinion of the population on the renovation project».

The judge, pronouncing a verdict, referred to the fact that June 16 was already rejected «identical statements.» She argued that when considering a claim, the court «has fully verified the legitimacy of the decision». Experts called this decision a «denial of justice» writes on 29 June, the newspaper «Kommersant».

The interviewed lawyers said that he did not agree with the court’s interpretation of the Code of administrative procedure, as the claimants, a claim which was seen on 28 June, and the applicant, consideration of the claim which was held on June 16, different, different, and the number of grounds in both actions.

«The United States began to pull ships and planes for a possible attack on Syria» is the title of an article in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», which States that Washington is closely monitoring the Syrian air force base, «Sirat», suspecting Syrian side in the prepare to organize himataki.

This was reported by the American CNN, citing its sources in the Pentagon, the Russian newspaper notes.

In particular, in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, now operates aircraft carrier George Bush, two equipped with cruise missiles of the cruiser and two frigates. In a state of readiness and several parts of aircraft used by the Americans for attacks on ISIS.

Russia offered to become a «good government» – in exchange for the Crimea and the Donbass Europe promises visa-free agreement, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

In the EU summing up the summit, which was extended sanctions against Russia. Although the official contacts are still in a frozen state, the EU continues to declare its intention to improve relations with Russia. In the European foreign Ministry outlined the contours of policy in this area. And its essence is to continue to pressure the regime while expanding attention to the civil society.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Crimea Andrey Ivantsov and his son arrested on suspicion of corruption crime, which resulted in the children’s camp on the sea shore in Alushta passed into private hands. This is the website of the TV channel REN-TV, citing a source.

Ivantsov, Jr., assistant Prosecutor of Simferopol Yegor Ivantsov was detained by FSB officers and investigators of the TFR 16 June. His high-ranking father has been detained the day before. They are both in one of the detention centers of Moscow.

Ivantsova suspected of corruption crime. According to investigators and detectives, in 2014 children’s camp «the Crystal» in Alushta were in private hands. The earth and the objects allegedly drawn up by the son of the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of interior of the Crimea, forged Ukrainian documents. The camp had become the property of the Ministry of interior of the Republic, but became the property of private individuals.

PATO rehearsing a blockade of the Kaliningrad region – «Western generals,» I’m afraid that Russia can block the Baltic States in 36 hours and therefore want to strike first, according to the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«In recent years, NATO has taken military exercises in the Baltic States on a continuous conveyor. Barely over some maneuvers, start other. Only in 2017 it is planned to 16 exercises. And it’s not harmless staff of «playing cards». Has not yet been cleared of the powder fumes over the polygons after the may exercise «Spring storm-2017» in Estonia, in June in Lithuania, came the doctrine of the «Iron wolf-2017″. By the way, the image of this forest predator even appeared on the banner of the teachings. Well, and whom he learns to chew?» – sets the rhetorical question the authors of this article.

Anyone want to tear the wolves of NATO. Review of Russian media

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