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AP: most of the suspected crimes in the new year’s eve in Cologne refugee

The majority of suspects accused of involvement in a series of robberies and sexual assaults in Cologne on new year’s night workers, the Associated Press reports with reference to the statement by the Cologne Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer.

In an interview with AP Bremer called previously appeared in the press reports that all three suspects are refugees, «utter nonsense.»

According to Bremer, so far the police have identified as suspects 73 people, most of which «fall into the General category of refugees».

Just the police was 1075 filed applications, including 467 allegations of sexual assault from harassment to rape.

Among the 30 suspects are Moroccan nationals, 27 Algerians, four Iraqis, three Germans, three Syrians, three citizens of Tunisia and citizen of Libya, Iran and Montenegro.

The majority of suspects are either irregular migrants or asylum-seekers.

12 of 73 suspects involved in crimes of a sexual nature, but police managed to detain only one of them is a refugee from Morocco, who arrived in Germany in November last year.

AP: most of the suspected crimes in the new year’s eve in Cologne refugee 16.02.2016

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