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Appointed new Israeli Ambassador to Jordan

The Commission on appointments in the Israeli foreign Ministry has decided to appoint Amir Weisbrod as the new Israeli Ambassador to Jordan.

Weisbrod will replace on this post, Einat Shlain, who was the Ambassador in Jordan before the incident, which occurred in the summer of 2017 in Amman.

23 July 2017 in a residential complex at the Israeli Embassy in Amman, an incident occurred, which was shot two citizens of Jordan.

According to published information, a Jordanian worker who brought, stabbed with a screwdriver by the Israeli guard. Embassy employee fired several shots at the assailant, killing him. One of the shots was accidentally killed the landlord. Already on 24 July, about midnight, all the Embassy staff have returned from Jordan to Israel.

Israeli authorities launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident in Amman. The second channel ITV broadcast that during the meeting with the investigators the security guard claimed that the attack on him was totally motivated by ethnic hatred. According to him, there was no conflict which would precede the attack and reported Jordanian media. Israeli claims that the Jordanian worker was convinced that he was an Israelite, and therefore attacked him.

On 25 July, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the security guard of the Embassy and thanked him for his professionalism and decisive action in the attack in Amman. The press service of the head of the government published photos of the Prime Minister together with Ziv and Israeli Ambassador in Amman Einat Shlain, but the face guard under it has not been demonstrated.

July 27, in accordance with the promise I made to the Israeli authorities the investigators questioned Ziva. The investigation was conducted by the Israeli police, the Shin bet, the security Department of the foreign Ministry. Over the investigation personally observed the legal adviser to the government away Mandelblit and the U.S. attorney Shai Nitzan.

Shortly thereafter, the Jordanian newspaper «al-Rad» posted a copy of the Israeli ID card of the security guard, saying that we are talking about a 28-year-old Ziva Moyale.

The newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» on 4 August reported that the Jordanian authorities insist on replacing the entire staff of the Israeli Embassy in Amman after the incident, during which a guard was killed two Jordanian citizens.

November 29, Reuters reported that Israel was looking for a replacement for Einat Shlain, head of the Israeli diplomatic mission when an incident occurred that caused tensions between Amman and Jerusalem. It was reported that Israel is preparing to replace the Ambassador at the request of Jordan.

November 30, Reuters, citing a source in Amman said that Israel will not be allowed to return Ambassador to Jordan until, until you appear before the court of the guard killed two Jordanian filed

Appointed new Israeli Ambassador to Jordan 08.02.2018

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