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Approved by the Paris agreement to combat warming

On the evening of 12 December, representatives of 195 States in the world have approved the final version of the Convention on the adoption of measures to fight global warming. The Paris agreement provides for the allocation of significant funds for this purpose.

The Convention aims at reducing the share of traditional energy sources — oil, natural gas and coal and increased implementation of alternative energy sources, primarily renewable.

Earlier was presented the draft of the Convention. The agreement provides for the allocation of one hundred billion dollars annually in funding for environmental programs in developing countries, starting in 2020.

Reuters news Agency notes that the conference of the 187 States had submitted a national programme on transition to «green» energy sources. Control over the implementation of these programs left in the hands of the States, but every five years it is planned to check the results.

The stated purpose of the agreement is to prevent global warming by one degree Celsius until 2100, AP reported.

The Paris agreement will be deemed effective, if by 2020 it is ratified by at least 55 States, accounting for at least 55% of the world economy.

The Israeli government welcomed this climate Convention.

Approved by the Paris agreement to combat warming 13.12.2015

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