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Approved for publication: arrested members of a cell of Hizbullah, were preparing a series of terrorist attacks

On Tuesday, August 16, was allowed to publish the information that the soldiers of the IDF together with the General security service (Shin bet) and police neutralized several terrorist cells in Judea and Samaria.

According to information published by the press service of the IDF, members of the groups were recruited by the activists of «Hezbollah» in Lebanon and the Gaza strip. Recruitment was through social networks.

Among the other arrested several terrorists from the area of Qalqilya (Samaria) who were preparing an attack on the IDF patrol and a suicide bombing and sabotage with the use of firearms. This cell was headed by 18-year-old Mustafa Kamal Hindi. During the investigation it became clear that Hindi was recruited a year ago on one of the anti-Israel sites and liaised with the curator under an assumed name Bilal. Initially, the relationship was maintained in the social network facebook, and later through email. «Bilal was also sent to the head of the terrorist cell code, which was supposed to allow them to communicate without fear of exposure.

The group also included 22-year-old Muhammad Daoud, a former Hamas activist, 22-year-old Thayer Nopal, which supplied materials for making explosive devices, 21-year-old Islam shaib, collecting information about the order of movement, the IDF patrols in Qalqilya district and 19-year-old, Bria Hamad, who helped to produce explosive devices.

It is noted that the objectives of the terrorists were also recruiting new members to the groups. Members of the group were also trained in shooting, and actuation of the explosive devices.

The terrorists were arrested in June 2016, before he managed to carry out the first attack. In a military court for the district of Judah they indicted.

At the same time in other parts of Judea and Samaria were arrested the terrorists recruited by an activist of Hizbullah in the Gaza strip Muhammad Abu Jedinom. They were also recruited through social networks, and their task was organization of terrorist acts with the use firearms and suicide attacks. Among them was 36-year-old Osama Najam, a resident of the village of Kabalan (Nablus). He received $ 900 and an order to prepare a suicide bombing in the Israeli bus. Najam was arrested on 17 March 2016, and he also indicted.

An activist of Hizbullah in Gaza were also recruited, Maaman Nasrati, a resident of the Jenin refugee camp. He was instructed to purchase an automatic rifle M-16 and commit a terrorist attack against soldiers in the Jenin area. Nasrati was promised a reward in the amount of 30 thousand shekels. He would be detained on may 31.
The third terrorist, who was recruited by Abu Jedian was 49-year-old Mustafa Basharat, a resident of the village of Tamun (Samaria). In the past he was serving a prison sentence for participating in a cell of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine.

According to the indictment, he agreed to help Hizbullah in any form. Basharat was arrested on 2 June.

In addition, permission to publish info about that in recent months, activists of «Hezbollah» came into contact with Israeli Arabs, trying to get them to commit acts of terrorism. After these contacts have been recorded, representatives of the security services was signed by Israeli participants of correspondence on a legal document, according to which the Israelis know that the continuation of contacts with Hizbullah is against the law.

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Approved for publication: arrested members of a cell of Hizbullah, were preparing a series of terrorist attacks 16.08.2016

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