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Approved housing projects on thousands of apartments in Tamra and Yehuda

The Commission for the promotion of the priority housing projects approved major construction projects in the towns of Tamra (lower Galilee) and Yehuda-Monosson.

The program of construction of the new South quarter in Tamra were promoted by the Ministry of construction includes construction of apartment buildings on 5300 housing units on an area of 1830 acres, adjacent to the city within its present borders.

As reported by the press service of the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, at least half of future apartments to be built on public land, they are designed to solve the housing crisis for not having their own apartments County residents. In addition, the program envisages the construction of businesses and retail space along key roads of the city, public buildings and urban institutions. The construction project also includes the solution of transport problems and the construction of new roads.

Housing project in the Yehuda developed by Land authority of Israel, in the framework of this project to the West of Yehuda will be constructed apartment buildings from 11 to 15 floors at 4100 housing units, including 1,000 small-sized apartments and 300 apartments into social housing for the elderly (“diyur Mugan”). The project also includes retail space — usually on the lower floors of high-rise buildings, public buildings, spacious Park.

It is also planned the construction of 50 thousand square meters of commercial space, 196 thousand square meters of production space, which will create thousands of new jobs for residents of the new district and the entire city. The project will also be paved roads and walking and Cycling paths. The new road will connect to highway 461 and 4622. In addition, will be built two stations, lilac branches light metro (tram).

Approved housing projects on thousands of apartments in Tamra and Yehuda 28.09.2017

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