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Approximate Lieberman: «We don’t throw around ultimatums»

Surrounded by defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the allegations about a deal he’s made, allegedly, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As previously reported, sources in the coalition say that Netanyahu promised Lieberman the post of defense Minister in his next government in exchange for assistance in the dissolution of the Knesset and early elections. Flanked by the Minister of defence say: «the arm-Twisting and ultimatums distribution of those who struggled to hold on to their seats. We in these games do not play. No one expects the ultra-Orthodox that they will vote for the introduction of public transport on Shabbat, and one should not expect that we will support this law on appeal.As for the attempts of leaders of the coalition to achieve the holding of elections later in June, we must remember: we are against early elections, so don’t get bogged down in trying to assign».

March 11 will be the meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Netanyahu will talk with other heads of the coalition factions.

Approximate Lieberman: «We don’t throw around ultimatums» 11.03.2018

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