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Arab media: Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in financial crisis

Appearing in a London based Arabic newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» reported on the serious financial crisis faced by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. The reason for this was the cessation of cash injections from sponsors, primarily Iran.

Hopes of the Palestinian resistance movement on sponsor support from Qatar and Turkey were achieved only partially: these States chose to Fund targeted projects, not to provide the everyday needs of the blockaded enclave.

Failed and attempt to return under the auspices of Tehran. The Iranian regime, under pressure of international sanctions, all available resources were spent on support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the main partner of the Islamic Republic in the international arena.

Another important source of revenue for the administration sector were tunnels linking Gaza and the Sinai. Their activities were subject to duties. However, was launched in 2013 by Egypt’s anti-terrorist operation resulted in the loss of financial income from the «smugglers tunnel».

In this regard, which controls the Gaza strip, the organization has introduced additional taxes, mostly indirect, and significantly reduced teaching staff in the Islamic University of Gaza.

Two days ago, Arab media reported about the financial problems of another Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad, which stopped receiving money from Iran and for the last five months had paid their activists only one salary.

It is reported that thus Iran has punished the Islamic Jihad for refusing to support Pro-Iranian insurgents in Yemen.

Arab media: Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in financial crisis 31.12.2015

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