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Arab media: US urges Israel to agree to a compromise on the Temple mount

On Wednesday evening, July 19, the US President, Donald trump has issued a statement concerning the situation around the Temple mount. «The United States is deeply concerned by the tensions prevailing around the site, Holy to Jew, Muslims and Christians,» reads the statement of the us administration. The white house urged Israel and Jordan to «show good will and make efforts to reduce tensions and security on the Temple mount». The statement said that the United States will continue to monitor developments.

At the same time the newspaper «Al-Sharq al-Awsat» reported that in recent days, negotiations with the US about ending the crisis over the Temple mount. According to published information, one of the proposals is the removal of metal detectors, however, the preservation of the regime of thorough inspections of people going to the temple mount. The representative of Fatah Hatem Abed al-Qader said that the United States put pressure on Israel, demanding to accept the offer. According to him, the United States intervened in the process of resolving the crisis at the request of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The representative of Fatah added that Israel must give an answer before the evening of 19 July.

Yesterday it was reported that Israel is weighing the possibility of saving the metal detectors at Temple mount, however, use them for checks only those who is suspicious. The WAQF and the Palestinian Arabs are demanding the complete lifting of the detectors.

19 July, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on a visit to Hungary, held a telephone consultation with heads of power structures. The office of the Prime Minister rejected the information that was discussed the possibility of lifting the metal detectors. Some media reported that the General security service (Shin bet) has recommended Benjamin Netanyahu to remove the metal detectors from the Temple mount in order to avoid amplification of Arab riots. The police insisted that checks have been carried out on the Temple mount.

On the night of July 20 in Old town and around it was not recorded incidents. Security forces remain on high alert ahead of Friday prayers, which are usually attended by thousands of Muslims. Arab media reported that efforts were being made to reach a compromise today to avoid possible clashes during Friday prayers.

Arab media: US urges Israel to agree to a compromise on the Temple mount 20.07.2017

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