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Arrested the General Director of the company-owner TTS «Winter cherry»

The Zavodsky district court of Kemerovo was arrested Julia Bogdanov, General Director of JSC «kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat», which belonged to the burnt building of trade centre «Winter cherry», reports RIA Novosti.

Bogdanov would remain in custody until may 25.

Bogdanova charged with infringement of requirements of fire security, entailed death of people. According to investigators, Bogdanova, being responsible for observance of fire safety in shopping Mall, repeatedly received data from subordinates about problems in the fire safety system. However, she took no action to remove them entirely and just rent the new retail space, said the Investigative Committee.

CEO-owner of the shopping center became the sixth defendant in the criminal case about the fire in the «Winter cherry», which the Investigative Committee opened under three articles of the criminal code: 109, 219 and 238 («Causing death on imprudence»; «Violation of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons»; «Rendering services not meeting safety requirements»).

The fire investigation in Kemerovo: the investigation

In the case of the fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo were charged five defendants. March 28, two days after the fire, the court ruled to arrest all five to 25 may.

Upon a fire criminal case under article «Causing death by negligence» (article 109 of the criminal code), «Infringement of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons» (article 219 of the criminal code) and «Rendering services not meeting safety requirements» (article 238 of the criminal code).

All the suspects deny their guilt. In the case of a guilty verdict, all five face up to 10 years in prison.

Hope Addanac that manages shopping center, «Winter cherry». She is accused under the above articles. According to investigators, the SEC had not conducted training on fire safety. Investigators are convinced that management is responsible for timely notification of visitors and organization of evacuation in case of fire.

Sergei Antoshin guard. He at the time of the fire was on duty at the security Desk in the Mall «Winter cherry». According to investigators, Antoshin disabled the warning system in case of fire and caused the fire. Antoshin argues that the alert system was not working and that he called the fire Department.

Igor Polozenko, head of «System integrator» serving the fire alarm in the «Winter cherry». Polosenko, according to the investigation, is responsible for the fact that SEC has not worked the warning system and fire extinguishing system. He accuses Polosenko to disable the system guard Antoshina.

Alexander Nikitin, electrician «System integrator». He, according to prosecutors, was a fire-fighting system, while not having professional education. By profession Nikitin is the chef.

Georgy Sobolev, technical Director of the company «kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat». The company owns a burned-out shopping center. According to the investigation, Sobolev knew about the faulty sprinkler system, but did not take measures to eliminate them.

The causes of the fire

The fire was at the Playground on the fourth floor, which also features a cinema.

The publication «Kommersant» reports that the version of the two agencies leading the investigation in connection with a fire in the Mall, went. Russia’s investigative Committee (SKR) said that the cause of fire was short circuit in the wiring. Accordingly, the TFR lays the blame for the fire on the staff of the «Winter cherry». While emergency officials have put forward the version about an arson (intentionally or unintentionally). On this version insist the staff of the SEC.

In particular, the court Hope Addanac blamed on «a group of teenagers of non-Russian appearance», which on March 25 was seen, according to her, on the fourth floor of the Mall. «Fellow, instructor children’s ride, heard at this point, the cotton, turned the cotton and saw a pillar of fire, a huge pillar of fire. This foam pile near the trampolines. Therefore, I believe that it was arson,» said Sedenak.

Fire protection and alert system

Investigators of both agencies noted the complete failure of the administering SEC «compensating fire safety measures». In addition, it was found that the shopping center did not work the fire protection system.

According to preliminary data, due to failures and inadvertent inclusions, the system was switched to manual mode. Enabling system guard Sergey Antoshin system is not included.

According to the father of the guard, who was detained earlier on suspicion of tripping the fire alarm, the alarm system was turned off March 18 because she was falsely triggered, his son complained to the authorities, and then someone turned it off. He stressed that his son do that he couldn’t, because I didn’t know how to disable the alarm.

Antoshin insists that the internal system recorded the fire, after which he immediately called the fire Department.


The door from the emergency stairs were locked. These doors are usually equipped with magnetic locks, which should unlock the door after a power outage. While not fully understood why the doors were locked. According to one version, this was done «for the safety» of visitors.

Also not installed, why was the locked door to the cinema – the main reason a large number of victims. According to one version, the doors to the cinema were locked in order to avoid penetration into the hall of stowaways.

Additionally, the management center of Hope Addanac claims that the doors to the halls are not locked, and assumes that the door could lock someone in the audience.

A resident of Kemerovo Igor Vostrikov, who lost in the fire the whole family, recorded a video message in which claims it has received access to the CCTV footage of the shopping center and came to the conclusion that in the time of the fire doors in the halls were not locked. The door was locked, according to Vostrikov, one of the spectators – from-for strong smoke.

Approval Sedenak and Vostrikova not been confirmed by investigative authorities.

It is noteworthy that about closed the door in «Winter cherry» has previously informed President Putin, the Chairman of the investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. «It became clear that many doors, where mostly young people, and this is the fourth floor where the games room for young people and three cinema, where mostly young people, they were blocked, closed,» he said at a meeting in Kemerovo. «Why?» – said Putin. «We now find out why this was done, – said the head of the UK. – One version – to the riders, young children, did not go to the cinema. Closed until the end of the session, and nobody came and did not work».


According to the rules at the door (locked or not) should be on duty controller. The investigation has not yet established where he was the Comptroller at the time the fire started.

That day at the doors of cinemas, two were on duty controller – Natalia and Olesya Naymushin Bogatenko. Hope Addanac revealed in the interrogation that immediately after the fire the two women she was told that the screens no one.

Neither Naymushin or Bogatenko, was not arrested and are not involved in the case. Media reported that Natalia Naymushin was questioned by investigators, but the information about her testimony not be published.

The actions of employees and rescuers

The Prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region began investigating the complaints on the inaction of the firefighters and police during the fire at the Mall. The complaint, according to media reports, came to the Prosecutor’s office from three people. According to these people, the inaction of the firefighters and police have led to a high number of victims.

Among those who filed the complaint, the spouses Igor Sabadash and Nadezhda Vostrikov, whose fire killed the daughter-in-law, daughter and three grandchildren. According to them, a complaint was filed by another family.

According to Vostrikova and Sabadash, employees of the shopping center did nothing, and firefighters who arrived on the scene first, saying that I can’t help you because they have no «special means» and they are waiting for the brigade of rescuers.

Vostrikova got a call from her daughter, who was in the cinema, at 16:03. According to women, firefighters began to work on the floor only at 16:40.

The leadership of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Kemerovo region denied the allegations, and asserts that firefighters and rescue workers acted according to instructions and did «everything they could».

The head of SK Alexander Bastrykin in the report, the Kremlin also pointed out the inaction of the SC: «a Significant proportion of staff who were supposed to help people leave the center, the very first left the building, and people were forced to escape on their own.»

Technical condition of the Mall «Winter cherry»

Shopping and entertainment complex «Winter cherry» was built on the site of the Soviet confectionery factory, demolished in 2007. The Mall was supposed to open fully in 2013, and in August 2012, the employees of Gospozhnadzora had a routine fire safety audit and found numerous violations. He was then fined the employees of a company that owned the Mall (JSC «kemerovskijj konditerskijj Kombinat»). Fines also received some tenants. In 2013 he conducted another test. According to the report of the fire inspection, the owner of the Mall had corrected all discovered in 2012, violations.

In 2016, had to be carried out another routine check, but it is not spent – probably due to the fact that the company «Winter cherry Kemerovo», who leased a considerable part of the complex and responsible for the children’s entertainment center and cinemas, listed in the register of enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, are not formally subject to inspection.

Note that the statement in the report, Putin said that the inspectors were checking the Mall «to put it mildly, not too conscientiously.»

The fire in TRTS «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo. 25 Mar 2018

The fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo started around 16:00 local time. In cinemas on the fourth floor, where the fires occurred at the afternoon session there were a number of adults and children.

Dozens of people managed to escape. The adults rescued the children, and then returned to rescue others, some of them died.

The fire covered an area of about 2 thousand square meters. Fire extinguishing and debris removal lasted more than a day. For fire fighting and search and rescue operations involved more than 500 emergency workers of Russia.

As of Thursday morning, March 29, in the Kemerovo hospitals there are 12 people injured in fire in shopping center «Winter cherry». 67 victims assigned to outpatient treatment.

Victims of the fire were at least 64 people. Of them 41 children. The exact number of missing is unknown, but MOE claims that missing no.

Arrested the General Director of the company-owner TTS «Winter cherry» 31.03.2018

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