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Arrested the treasure hunters: «the Heat and Ramadan are not afraid of black archeologists»

Near the village of Sepphoris, North of Nazareth (Galilee), was arrested by «black archeologists», who tried to conduct unauthorized excavations at the site, where about 2000 years ago, was a camp of Roman Legionnaires, reports the press service of the Israel antiquities authority.

The detained men, approximately 30 years old, were residents of Arab Nazareth.

The office noted that the treasure hunters were digging in the daytime, despite the heat and the need to fast Ramadan.

It is noted that over the past two weeks arrested a second group of Arabs who hope to get rich this way.

Such actions, according to Israeli law, is punishable with imprisonment up to five years.

In the area of tzipori (Sepphoris, Diocaesarea) in ancient times was the capital of Galilee. Here is a national Park of Israel, the place is a protected archaeological monument. Sepphoris was first mentioned as the administrative center of Galilee during the reign of Alexander Janna (100 BC) 4 BC the city was in the center of the uprising of Judas the Galilean and was destroyed by the punitive expedition Quintile Vara. It was later rebuilt and transformed (to the base of Tiberias) to the residence of Herod Antipas, which was surrounded by Sepphoris, called by Josephus «the most beautiful city in all of Galilee of the country,» ramparts, is reminiscent of Wikipedia. In this area a number of archaeological expeditions, the findings of which are presented in various museums in Israel and the world.

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Arrested the treasure hunters: «the Heat and Ramadan are not afraid of black archeologists» 12.06.2017

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