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As a result of falling from a great height hurt actress Lucy Dubinchik

On the evening of 1 August it became known that in the tel Aviv hospital «Ichilov» delivered a famous actress, who received serious injuries as a result of falling from a great height. Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that the actress fell from the window of the apartment located on the fourth floor of a building in Jaffa.

Media reported that the victim is in critical and unstable condition.

The press service of police said that according to preliminary investigations, the perpetrators of the fall of women.

Still on Tuesday evening in social networks spread information about what has hurt actress Lucy Dubinchik. This was also posted by the website But leading Israeli media this information is not published.

On Wednesday morning editorial was addressed in a press-service of the hospital «Ichilov», where we confirmed that the emergency room was delivered on the eve of the actress Lucy Dubinchik. Currently, her condition is serious but stable.

In a press-service of the police also confirmed that injured Lucy Dubinchik, and stressed that there were no grounds for criminal prosecution.

Lucy Dubinchik was born 17 December 1982 in Moscow. In 1989 immigrated to Israel. He graduated from the school, «Thelma Yalin» in the city of Givatayim, and acting School Nisan Nativ in tel Aviv. In 1995 he starred in the movie «Saint Clara». The tape itself and Dubinchik became the laureates of «Ophir» (the youngest actress to receive this award, which is often called «the Israeli Oscar»). Also starred in numerous television series – «the Florentine», «the people across the hall», «Distance touch», «Under the sky of Verona», etc. In 2007, gave birth to a daughter Alma from johnny Peterson, who played with her in the film «Saint Clara». Played a major role in the film «Letters from Rishikesh».

In the fall of 2010, after starring in the film «Letters from Rishikesh», Lucy Dubinchik said in an interview with «I don’t know how Israel can be a star. This is too small a country! I can imagine, how become stars in Hollywood, or even in France, in Europe. You’re in the movies, you know, at least two million viewers, you’re buying a house in the mountains… But here the «stars» go to the market. However, people recognize me on the street, but in Israel this is a very difficult life. Come to me and ask: «are you an actress? Yes? And where have you filmed? How much do you pay?» Even if I say I’m late to kindergarten for her daughter, this does not help: the questions continue. In Israel, there is no distance between actor and audience. On the one hand, this reflects the Israeli warmth, a trait of our national character – we are all each other brothers. But, on the other hand, I can not tell, walking down the street, endlessly to stop and tell you about myself… When I was offered a job in a particular theater, I could think about creativity, and not to compare salaries. My profession means a lot to me. I don’t want to be rich or famous. It seems to me that during the good plays I do something to give people.»

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As a result of falling from a great height hurt actress Lucy Dubinchik 02.08.2017

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