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«As Navalny lied shkolota». Review of Russian media

In the district court of Washington will be on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Donald trump on behalf of 196 congressmen representing the Democratic party. The plaintiffs believe that the President broke the law, not agreeing with Congress accept funds from foreign governments through the actual control of the company, writes the newspaper «Kommersant».

Sue announced Senator Richard Blumenthal and representative John Conyers, Jr. The plaintiffs believe that the President trump profits from transactions monitored by companies with foreign Nations, in violation of the Constitution. The plaintiffs argue that thus the President trump has violated a provision forbidding government officials gifts or gratuities from foreign governments.

The Russian President held a telephone conversation with crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan. The interview took place at the initiative of the Emirate, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».
During the conversation it was about the aggravation of the situation around Qatar, which exacerbates the already difficult situation in the middle East. «Expressed mutual interest in finding ways to unlock the crisis.» – reported in a press-service of the Kremlin.

With a loud statement was made by spokesman of the armed forces of Iran, Brigadier General elite guard Corps of the Islamic revolution, Massoud Dzhazayeri. He claims that the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state», attacked on 7 June, the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, acted «under the control» of the United States and Saudi Arabia, says a Pro-Kremlin publication.

The General «no doubt» that such attacks are carried out «with the support of these two States» or koordiniruyutsya from their territory. Dzhazayeri also accused the Saudis and Americans that they were and are «conductors destructive policies» in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and also in some EU countries.

The condition for the reconstruction of the Gaza strip is its complete demilitarization. This statement was made by the defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman. «As for the future of Gaza, my position is very clear: rebuilding Gaza is only possible with the full demilitarization of the sector», – quotes the words of Israeli policy, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

The head of the Israeli defense Ministry said that the elected in February this year, the head of the political Bureau of Hamas in Gaza Yahya Sinwar «spent time in an Israeli prison for 23 years of the 450, which was condemned.» Sinwar has become the most prominent representative of the movement’s leadership, liberated by Israel during the exchange deal of Palestinian prisoners for captured Islamists in Gaza, corporal Gilad Shalit.

«Returning to Gaza, he married and today he has two small children – Lieberman wrote on his page on the social network Facebook. The main question that Sinbar should give an answer whether he wants that his children have been sheltered your whole life in the tunnels and shelters, or he wants them to become doctors, teachers, lawyers, and could live a normal life.» According to Lieberman, «this is something that should worry residents of the Gaza strip». Sinwar is characterized as one of the most radially opposed Israel’s Hamas leaders.

It is no secret that Tehran, on the one hand, and Washington and Riyadh on the other, regularly exchanging mutual accusations of support for terrorist forces in the middle East.

Since the beginning of the operation to liberate Aleppo, Syria, back in town with almost 70 thousand inhabitants. This was stated by the head of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring sides in this period major-General Vladimir Savchenko, reports news Agency TASS.
According to him, in the shortest possible time resumed electricity and water supply of residential areas, allowing return of 16 thousand families in their homes in the Eastern districts of Aleppo.

«As Navalny lied to shkolote to provoke rioting on Tverskaya» is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which says that supposedly no one had forbidden the opposition to set the scene, and «blogger» as they call the authors of the material the leader of the Russian oppoztsii, tried to absolve themselves of responsibility, stating in court that no one called «walk on Tver».

«Let’s call a spade a spade. 12 Jun threw Alexei Navalny is a huge mess. Abandoning the conduct permitted by the city hall rally on Sakharov Avenue, he decided to spoil the party tens of thousands of Muscovites, who in the Day of Russia gathered on Tverskaya,» this paragraph ends this scandalous article.

«As Navalny lied shkolota». Review of Russian media 14.06.2017

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