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Asthma can lead to chronic migraine

According to the research of American scientists from the University of Cincinnati, who suffers from asthma if a man periodically experiencing headaches, they can develop into chronic migraine headaches, reports The Indian Express.

To such conclusions researchers came after he studied the history of four thousand patients suffering from episodic headaches (fewer than 15 attacks per month).

A year later, the patients were divided into two groups — one group was suffering from asthma. Consideration was also taken by patients drugs, depression and Smoking. After another year it turned out that among asthmatics chronic migraine occurred in 4.5% of patients, and among the participants of the experiments, without asthma — 2.5%.

This may be due to the fact that asthma is the inflammation or blood vessels, or airway. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of chronic migraines.

According to statistics, women suffer from migraines are nearly three times more often than men.

Asthma can lead to chronic migraine 02.12.2015

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