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At the checkpoint «Allenby» opened a new modern container terminal

At the checkpoint «Allenby» on the Israeli-Jordanian border Tuesday, January 30, was held the opening ceremony of the new container terminal, equipped with a translucent installation for cargo containers, which should increase the security level, bandwidth, transmission, and also to increase the turnover and facilitate the work of customs. The traditional red ribbon was cut by the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Minister of economy of the Palestinian authority, Abir Ode.

«I headed the Ministry of Finance during the period when the Israeli-Palestinian economic cooperation was in a state of prolonged «freeze,» said Kahlon. We decided to take responsibility and begin the promotion in several joint projects. The project, which we are opening today is an example of how a small thing can bring a big change. We have a lot of plans for economic cooperation with the Palestinian authority. On Sunday I meet with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian authority Rami Hamdallah, and we will continue to work on joint projects». Kahlon also noted the importance of the mediation of participation of the envoy of the administration of Donald trump Jason Greenblatt for the resumption of economic cooperation in the region.

In the opening ceremony of container terminal was attended by the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, Deputy Finance Minister Yitzhak Cohen, the head of the IRS Moshe Asher, the Minister of economy of the Palestinian authority, Abir Odeh, Deputy head of the office of airports Shlomo Oren, head of the customs service of Israel AVI Arditi, representatives of the «middle East Quartet», the staff of the embassies of the US and European Union countries, UN officials, representatives of the Palestinian authority, a senior security personnel.

A new container terminal with the most modern control systems will allow to increase the volume of traffic through the checkpoint, improving the quality of audits. The terminal will be used for commodity shipments from Israel to the Palestinian authority and back, as well as for transport and commercial traffic between Jordan and the Palestinian authority.

The government decided to build a container terminal in view of the increasing volume of transportation of goods across border crossing «Allenby». In the construction invested tens of millions of shekels. Translucent the installation was donated by the PNA is the government of the Netherlands, Israel was responsible for the construction of the terminal, which will carry out a thorough inspection of containers and their unloading in case of need. Oversees the operation of the terminal Customs office.

Thanks to the new container terminal capacity of the border crossing will be increased from 100 containers a day up to 200 containers. However, he allows to work in difficult weather conditions, while maintaining the highest level of security and high efficiency audits. The scan time will also be shortened that will even allow you to transport perishable goods.

At the checkpoint «Allenby» opened a new modern container terminal 30.01.2018

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